Chef James and Claudia

Chef James and Claudia

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Chef James and Chef Claudia are a culinary couple who combine their individual strengths and experiences for cooking classes of the highest caliber. Chef James gained much of his culinary experience through his private lessons with a world-class chef in the heart of Sardinia, Italy. After years of learning alongside Italy's top chefs and restaurant owners, Chef James now teaches traditional Sardinian pasta-making techniques and other Sardinian dishes to eager learners with a taste for the classics. Raised in Sardinia herself, Chef Claudia harbors a wealth of native knowledge that has helped her culinary skills flourish across the globe. A former restaurant owner, she is passionate about combining traditional techniques and authentic flavors from around the world to bring happiness to fellow food lovers.

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Guest reviews for Chef James and Claudia

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15 Jul 2022
I had a great time taking class with James! Would definitely take another!
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13 Jul 2022
He was very resourceful for the amount of space and people he had. Engaged the entire class and knew the mechanics of why we kneaded the dough.
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29 Apr 2022
Delicious food and a great time with Chef James!! 5 stars!!