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Chef Ivan or Resident Chef

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Chef Ivan began attending culinary school at the tender age of 14. His adventures in the world of food preparation took him through Europe and eventually brought him to New York, where he manages a catering company and volunteers teaching children's cooking classes. With a focus on sushi, Italian and French cuisines, Chef Ivan is always excited to share novel kitchen techniques with his guests and students.

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19 Jan 2024
Excellent chef!! Excellent presentation!! Had the best time!!! Enjoyed everything!!
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15 Jan 2024
I really enjoyed the class. It has definitely helped me change my approach and built my confidence in the kitchen.
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06 Jan 2024
Great experience, chefs, and atmosphere. Made LOTS of delicious sushi. Highly recommend and makes for a great gift!
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30 Dec 2023
The Bento Box class was really fun and we learned how to make several courses.
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19 Oct 2023
Very informative an awesome experience all around
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24 Feb 2023
Absolutely amazing experience! Learned many easy to do recipes at home !Can’t wait to do it again!
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21 Jan 2023
Chef Ivan and his team were friendly and patient throughout the whole process. It was an engaging experience and my partner and I enjoyed making the pasta dough since it was our first time. The pasta was so delicious and it was nice enjoying the fruits of our labor at the end!
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16 Apr 2022
I'm sure this course would have been wonderful, but for the second time in a row, I got a notification last minute saying not enough people had signed up and therefore they were canceling the class.
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20 Feb 2022
Food was delicious , the chef was great and the class was very informative. Atmosphere was also like walking into your grandma’s dining room for one big family dinner. Very fun!
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11 Feb 2022
The chefs were all knowledgeable and eager to share what they knew about not only the dishes we were making but also how to organize and run your kitchen, along with great knife skills. The food was fantastic and did not disappoint.