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Chef Angela-Michelle grew up surrounded by food on her family’s farm. Her parents were both chefs who taught her to cook by the age of six and bake by the age of eight. It's no surprise that she has a cookbook in the works! She is a world traveler, certified in plant-based nutrition and the founder and owner of her own successful cooking company that teaches interested students how to shop well, cook well, eat well — and live well. 

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15 Feb 2024
Chef was enthusiastic, and the food was very good. The class was very rushed though and required most of the cooking to be done beforehand, which we had not been told. This made it hard to follow and not particularly enjoyable.
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22 Dec 2023
Great class, patient informative instructor and very delicious food! Will make the recipes again for sure.
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07 Sep 2023
Chef Angela-Michelle was very friendly and a wonderful teacher. The class was well-paced, the instructions were easy to follow, and the food was delicious! I’d highly recommend classes with her :)
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09 Aug 2023
Great job
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10 Mar 2023
The recipes were great. It's very fast paced so make sure you read the instructions and recipes ahead.
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10 Jun 2022
Excellent and knowledgeable instructor and fantastic class. Class was appropriately fast-paced and food turned out delicious. I look forward to taking other classes with Chef Angela-Michelle.
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24 Feb 2022
Great class! Easy to follow instructions with a lot of great education thrown in.
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21 Feb 2022
The class was supposed to be cooking black beans, pork and plantains. Chef did not have any plantains so we couldn't do that part - and it was really the part that I took the course for. Chef asked me to email her so she could send a link to video about it, and I sent 2 emails but she never responded.
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16 Dec 2021
Extremely disappointed with the experience. The booking support team was not on the same page as the Chef for this class. I was given an incorrect time for the online experience and ended up with no chef and tried to do it myself. I paid for a private class for a very important event so I don’t understand the mistakes made here. Wasted money on ingredients and booking class.
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01 Oct 2021
There was miscommunication about the time so we were on at 6pmET and there was no instructor.