27 Top Team Gifts to Cheer Them On in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
team gifts
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Your team has some of the people you spend the most time with, so giving the best team gifts is the best way to show appreciation for all the work they do.

After all, publicly acknowledging and recognizing employees for the work they do, coming from both fellow workers as well as from management, only benefits the workplace.

Recognition through kind words and thoughtful team gifts can create a more inclusive workplace, as well as improve connection, engagement and productivity, according to Work Human.

Whether you are buying small gifts for team members or looking for experiences to share together, we’ve rounded up the best team gifts you can give to show your gratitude and congratulate them on a job well done.

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Creative Team Gifts & Experiences

1. Painting Classes

Unleash your creative side with paint and sip in Atlanta, paint and sip in Washington, D.C., paint and sip in Orange County and paint and sip near you for your next team gift.

Led by expert artists, these classes feature easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions so you and your team can create a one-of-a-kind painting.

Paint and sip classes are great gift ideas for a group of friends, coworkers and teammates to bond together while being creative. Online painting classes are great virtual work team gift ideas to bond despite being physically separated.

painting classes team gift idea
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2. Make Pottery

Try a new hobby with pottery classes in Boston, pottery classes in Chicago, pottery classes in Los Angeles and pottery classes near you. These creative team gifts are a great way to bond with your coworkers and teammates.

Expert potters will lead the class and teach the basics of throwing on a wheel and sculpting with clay, so you can make bowls, vases and other decorative objects.

It’s a great experience gift where you’ll have something to remind you of the fun time spent together. A Classpop! gift card can also make great corporate gifts for hardworking teams to enjoy a relaxing activity. 

3. Book Club and Books

What are some thoughtful gifts for your team? For all the readers, books and an office book club are great gifts. Buy books for the members to discuss at each of the meetings.

A book club is a fun and relaxing way to spend time together while doing one of your favorite hobbies. Plus, it can spark creativity as you travel to unique worlds and follow interesting characters.

4. Craft and Hobby Kit

There’s nothing more fun and creative than taking up a new hobby with your team. These are great gifts for coworkers to try something new and scratch a creative itch.

For an artsy team gift, craft and hobby kits like diamond painting, soap making and resin kits are easy for artists of all skill levels. They also make great small gifts for a group of friends to try together. 

5. Solve a Murder Mystery

A fun experience is one of the best team gifts you can give. With the best themed mystery game kits, you can dress up to match the theme and work together to solve the mystery of the night.

It’s a fun way to spend time together outside of the office or off the field. Murder mystery dinners can be unique spirit week ideas and bonding sessions that will create lasting memories.

bloody knife on dining table for murder mystery party
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6. Experience Gift Cards or Coupons

There are tons of exciting things to do around your city, and if you can’t do them together as a group, you can allow your team to go on their own time.

Coupons or gift cards to local restaurants, spas, museums and other attractions make great team gifts for nurses, gifts for teachers and other professionals that work hard.

These experiences also make wonderful retirement gifts, thanking them for all the hard work they’ve put into the team over the years.

Best Team Gifts for Foodies

7. Cooking Classes

Elevate your home cooking to professional chef levels with cooking classes in Boston, cooking classes in Dallas, cooking classes in Denver and cooking classes near you.

World-class chefs will teach you how to make mouth-watering dishes and the kitchen secrets that make these foods delicious.

These engaging team gifts are a fun way to bond and improve teamwork skills as you work together to create a menu inspired by world cuisines. For virtual teams, online cooking classes are a great way to make food together despite physical distance.

8. Wine Tasting or Mixology Classes

Sipping on a delicious beverage with your team is a fun way to bond together. A fun team gift for coworkers can be a trip to a winery or a brewery to sip on wine, beer or whisky.

But for teams that may not work in the office together, virtual wine tasting and online mixology classes make great team gifts.

Expert sommeliers and mixologists will lead these classes, teaching everything you need to know about tasting wine or crafting unique cocktails. These classes are great additions to a holiday work party.

9. Flavored Popcorn

Everyone needs a little snack and flavored popcorn is one of the best. From sweet chocolate and caramel to salty kettle corn, The Popcorn Factory has a unique popcorn flavor for everyone.

Delicious popcorn baskets are great gifts to acknowledge and celebrate the good work done in the office. Popcorn also makes great swim team ideas, as well as other sports, as a mid-season pick-me-up.

flavored popcorn team gift
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10. Artisanal Sweet Treats

Satisfy a sweet tooth with these small gifts for team members. A basket filled with artisanal sweet treats like chocolate-covered pretzels, candy and cookies is a thoughtful gift that everyone will enjoy.

They’re great for saying thanks, congratulating a job well done or simply showing appreciation. 

11. Fresh Coffee Beans

Your team can’t get by without a good cup of coffee. A great work team gift idea includes fresh gourmet ground coffee along with some essentials for a relaxing weekend morning.

They’ll love having a unique cup of joe to start their mornings and get them in a good mood before they start work.

12. Mug Warmer

When working hard on a project in the office, you can never let your coffee or team get cold. Gift a mug warmer to help keep their cup hot all day. These easily sit on a desk so the mug of hot coffee or tea will always be within arms reach.

This small bit of luxury will be great for anyone who sees their coffee as the secret ingredient to their hard work in the office. Mug warmers also make great gifts for bosses, who may put in long hours in the office.

Fun Team Gifts for Small Groups

13. Art of Flower Arrangements

A fun experience you can do together makes a great team gift. Virtual flower arranging classes are taught by expert florists, who will teach the art behind arranging centerpieces and bouquets.

Together, you can learn how to make beautiful flower arrangements to brighten up the office or give as an appreciation gift for a job well done.

friends arranging flowers together
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14. Yoga Class

Give a team gift that will encourage them to relax and unwind. A yoga class is a great way to aid relaxation and bond together as a team.

You can go to a yoga studio together or have a teacher come in to teach a yoga class. These also make great sports teams and swim team gift ideas to help stretch and relax the muscles to aid in high performance during the swim seasons.

15. Relaxation Candles

After working so hard to finish projects and achieve goals, your team may need something to help them relax and keep stress levels down.

Candles made with relaxing scents like lavender and eucalyptus can help lower any stress levels and raise their mood, making them an effective team gift for boosting morale.

16. Spa Night Kits

Wondering what to buy staff as thank you gifts? Take the relaxation even further with spa night kits. These kits include everything they’ll need to have a relaxing and rejuvenating night.

These kits can include relaxing oils, bath beads and oils that’ll aid in relaxing after a day of working hard in the office and thanking your staff for all the work they do. 

17. Personalized Water Bottles

Drinking enough water is essential to keep your body, including your brain, functioning properly. Give personalized water bottles as a team gift to help keep them hydrated throughout the day.

You can personalize a water bottle with the names of each of your team members’ names or the name of your company. Having these small matching items can help unite the team together.

personalized water bottles team gift
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18. Custom Tote Bags

Having matching items can make you feel more like a team. Custom tote bags are a simple team gift that will help them feel united with the people they work closely with every day.

These custom bags can have the names of the team or the company and a unique design that represents it. These custom totes will also be great to carry around all the supplies and materials they need to be a winning team.

19. Custom Socks

What is a good gift to give to coworkers? How about something that unites you in a subtle way? Custom socks are a fun and low-key way to feel more like a team.

Get socks customized with your team name or company logo on them to wear as a morale boost when you’re working on a project. These can also be fun gift ideas for a group of friends or a sports team to feel united.

20. Gardening Kit

Gardening is seen as one of the most relaxing hobbies, so it’s a great team gift for hardworking teams that need a relaxing outlet.

A gardening kit can help aid in that relaxing and will provide all the basics you need to start a garden. Whether it’s flower seeds that can be planted outsides or herbs to grow in the kitchen, a gardening kit makes a useful team gift.

Team Building Gift Ideas

21. Deepen a Bond With Team Building

If you want to have a team that works well together, engage in team building activities and team building games.

These activities and games will encourage your team to work together, improve their problem solving skills and have fun together. These inexpensive team building gifts will be fun to do together but also see benefits in the office.

team members high fiving after game
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22. Have an Online Game Night

Gather your team together for virtual game nights and online trivia games. A little bit of friendly competition is a great way to bring your team closer together.

With this interactive team gift, you can compete against each other for subtle bragging rights or prizes, improving teamwork skills that can be used on the next projects at work.

23. Work Together During a Scavenger Hunt

Get your team to work together to solve clues to cross the finish line of virtual scavenger hunts or scavenger hunts around the city.

These teambuilding games will help improve problem solving, critical thinking and teamwork, all while having a fun time racing to the next clue. Scavenger hunts also make fun small gifts for a group of friends to do together on the weekend.

24. Attempt an Escape

Another fun way to for a team to work together is in an escape room or virtual escape room. Together, your team will have to solve a series of clues and beat the clock to escape.

With tons of themes and ranges of difficulties, you can find the perfect escape room for every team. 

25. Try Improv

Improv is a fun way to help improve some teamwork skills. This inexpensive team building gift is a great experience and a fun way to take a step out of the box.

Many local comedy clubs host improv classes and workshops that your team can join. Learning how to think of your feet and better work together will only have benefits to your future workplace projects.

improv class team gift idea
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26. Lunch Feast

Celebrate a job well done in the office by having a feast at lunchtime. Your workplace can host a lunch feast catered by a local restaurant or catering company.

With an entire spread of delicious food, employees can pile their plates high. It’s a team gift to thank employees for the hard work they’ve done and all the goals they’ve met.

27. Luxury Workplace Retreat

Say thank you to your employees by elevating your workplace retreat for your next big team gift. Add a luxurious touch to your retreat by including some fun and relaxing activities.

Field day games, good food, yoga and spa day activities will always be a hit for celebrating the job well done your staff does.

You work closely with your team each day to accomplish goals and win together. The hard work you and your coworkers and teammates do should be routinely acknowledged, and fabulous team gifts like these is the perfect place to start.

Publicly commending a job well done has plenty of benefits for the workplace culture as a whole. And for sports teams that work together, it’s time to come together and celebrate an incredible season.

If you’re wondering what can I give my team? From experiences to physical products, the team gifts in this guide are some of the best options.

For even more fun gift ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!