21 Easiest, Most Fun Father's Day Painting Ideas for 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Father's Day painting ideas

Each year the third Sunday in June approaches and with each year you stress over what to get your dad for Father’s Day, but this year will be different because you’ve come to the perfect place to find fun and unique Father’s Day painting ideas.

This Father’s Day cheat sheet will answer all your questions: What can I paint for Father's Day? How can I make something special for Father's Day? What can kids make for Father's Day?

A story shared by the New York Times reveals that young adult children spending quality time with their parents fosters close, lasting relationships and forms bonding memories.

With these fun and unique Father's Day painting ideas and experiences, you can enjoy quality time with your dad knowing you’ve put together a wonderful gift from the heart.

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Best Father's Day Painting Ideas With Dad

1. Create and Connect in Art Classes

Get together with friends, family and local artists for a Father’s Day painting idea your hobbyist Dad won’t soon forget. No matter the skill level, the whole group will learn to paint unique works thanks to the guidance of talented painters.

Check out art classes in Portland, art classes in Houston, art classes in Boston or art classes near you and learn from skilled artist instructors.

art classes father's day painting idea
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2. Paint and Sip With Dad 

Pour your dad his favorite drink, paint him an impressive gift and party with the people he loves the most for a memorable paint party idea for adults.

Sign up for paint and sip in Chicago, paint and sip in Denver, paint and sip in Los Angeles or check out a paint and sip near you for a night full of creativity and quality time.

3. Virtual Van Goh

If you’re looking for some unique art ideas, consider signing your dad up for online painting classes for a Father’s Day painting idea that’s totally customizable.

Set the scene and make the most of your at-home space with a few decorations, snacks and drinks! Enjoy some time with Dad as you learn to create a masterpiece.

4. T-Up for T-Time

Father’s Day painting ideas can get repetitive, and you can only give so many hand-painted mugs, so for this Father’s Day painting idea put a spin on a classic gift with themed T-Shirts.

Who needs online shopping when you and your dad can create custom T-shirts together at home? Is your dad a golfer? Add some gold clubs. A musician? Add some drumsticks. 

5. Father’s Day Flower Pot

Easy painting ideas don’t have to take place on the canvas. This Father’s Day painting idea is perfect if your dad has a green thumb.

You just need paint, paintbrushes, flower pots and your dad. Paint the pots to match your interior to home a houseplant or make a vibrant eye-catcher to set outside. Explore some fun flower pot painting ideas together for inspiration!

painting terracotta flower pots with blue paint
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6. Hammer Painting

If you’re on the hunt for unique Father's Day gifts for your tool-belt-wearing Dad, this Father’s Day painting idea is made for you. And for him, you’ll make a gift that’ll make him smile each time he uses it.

As useful as hammers are, they’re also fun to paint. Incorporate your Dad’s favorite colors and get to painting so he can get to fixing. Let your dad in on the fun and give him a wrench to paint. Many tools can make a great canvas!

7. Balloon Splatter Painting

For another easy painting idea, try a DIY balloon splatter paint party. Invite the rest of the family or keep it just you and Dad for a fun and exciting Father’s Day painting idea.

Fill water balloons with paint and tape them to a blank canvas but make sure to move the party outside or place a tarp below the canvas because the paint will splatter. Once set up all that’s left to do is pop those balloons! Use darts, pencils, thumbtacks, lacrosse balls or give them all a try.

Easy Canvas Father's Day Painting Ideas

8. Put ‘Em Up!

Break out the water guns for this Father’s Day painting idea and make a painting for Dad from daughter or son that's easy to paint and fun to create.

You’ll need a water pistol for each color you want to craft with, a large canvas and water. Simply fill the water pistol with a mixture of 50% water and 50% paint to make a colorful creation your dad will love.

9. Paint Your Papa’s Pet

Paint your dad’s other favorite child and make a painting for dad from daughter or son. Paint the family dog or a pet he had growing up for a Father’s Day painting idea he’ll cherish forever. 

paint your pet Father's day painting idea
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10. Extreme Pour Painting

Take pour painting to the extreme with bucket painting to pull off an adventurous Father’s Day painting idea. Set up a large canvas out back and fill a few five-gallon buckets up 1/4 of the way full of your dad’s favorite colors. Dump the buckets of paint onto the canvas and viola!

11. A New Family Photo

If you’re looking for gifts for parents, gifts for grandparents or family gift ideas, consider making the family the center of attention by painting your Dad’s favorite family picture.

Besides, it has been said that imitation is the best form of flattery, making it one of the most flattering Father's Day painting ideas out there!

12. Art Gallery Like No Other

An at-home art gallery doesn’t have to be expensive to collect. In fact, you can make one on your own! Craft the perfect stencil art gallery for your dad’s office, bedroom or man shed.

Pick a theme like the outdoors, rock 'n roll, outer space or jungle animals. Print out stencils to cut out on your own or visit your local art shop and grab a few canvases while you’re there. Use the stencils to create a gallery wall your Dad will love to look at every day.

13. Paint the Rainbow

Some canvas painting ideas for Dad don’t require any paint at all. And if you’re wondering, "What are cute Father’s Day colors?", then include them all by using crayons!

Superglue a border of crayons at the top of your canvas. Heat the crayons up using a blow dryer and watch as a rainbow of color begins to cascade down the canvas. This is one of the most popular trippy painting ideas to try.

melting crayons on canvas to make art
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14. Cotton Ball Canvas

Let’s be honest, it’s not easy painting Mother Nature, and if your dad’s personality revolves around the outdoors, you may be looking for canvas painting ideas for dads who love nature.

Luckily, there’s an easy trick to making the perfect tree and you just need cotton balls. Simply dip the cotton balls into your paint color and lightly tap them along your canvas to make leaves so beautiful your dad won’t believe you painted them yourself.

Cute Father's Day Painting Ideas From Kids

15. A Gift to High-Five Over

Easy paintings for Dad from the kids can be messy, but that’s half the fun! This Father’s Day painting idea will combine your kid’s love for fingerpainting with your need to put together something special, so it looks like everyone wins.

Create a handprint dad with your hand and some paint — that’s all it takes.

16. Leave a Footprint

A footprint can make a surprisingly cute painting idea especially when it incorporates your little one’s footprint. Ask the man of honor to join you as each family member leaves behind their footprint on a canvas.

Add each person’s initials next to their print for a sentimental Father’s Day painting idea you’ll want to hang above the fireplace.

17. Themed Rock Painting

Painting rocks is a lot like painting ceramics, but if you haven’t done either, don’t worry — painting rocks is even easier! Rocks come in all shapes and sizes, which makes them a fun medium to play with for this Father’s Day painting idea.

Paint the logo from his favorite sports team, recreate his favorite animal, use paint to write him a nice Father’s Day message or explore other fun rock painting ideas for Dad.

rock father's day painting ideas
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18. A Crafty Hand

As far as easy paintings for Dad go, this one must take first place for being the easiest. Show Dad how much he means to you with a special handprinted gift.

You’ll need to purchase an autograph mat that fits the size of your picture as these provide plenty of room for hand printing. Choose your favorite picture with Dad or his favorite picture of you and add colorful handprints in the blank space of the autograph mat.

19. A New Way to Say #1 Dad

If your dad already has a shelf full of #1 Dad mugs, it might be time to show him he’s number one in another way. Painting his likeness on a medal is a wonderfully light-hearted yet sentimental Father’s Day painting idea he’s sure to keep close to him at all times. 

20. Dad’s Very Own Rock Family

Cute painting ideas for Dad can be as simple as collecting rocks. Recreate each family member using rocks, paint, googly eyes, glitter and other supplies you can find around the house. This Father’s Day gift idea will put a smile on your dad’s face.

21. DIY Father’s Day Card

Out of all the Father’s Day painting ideas, this may be the most common — but it's a popular choice for a reason! Has anyone been disappointed by a homemade card? You can even turn it into a watercolor painting idea, puffy paint idea or even glow-in-the-dark paint idea.

son presenting his dad with a father's day card
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We hope this list has given you the inspiration to treat your father, stepdad or bonus dad to something truly special this year. Whether you plan a fun painting activity to do together or decide to surprise him with a thoughtful work of art, your dad will surely appreciate the gesture and effort.

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