19 Best Birthday Party Places for All Ages in 2024

Published on May 15th 2024
birthday party places

Hosting your birthday at memorable birthday party places will make your celebration even more exciting with your family and friends. Whether you decide to celebrate at home or an entertainment venue like Dave & Busters, your event should be unique to your personality and style. 

Today’s Parent describes the unnecessary pressures of throwing a perfect birthday party, especially for kids. While it can be easy to get caught up in how to plan a birthday party, the best place to start is with the right venue. Whether you hand the planning off to someone else and book Urban Air birthday party packages or you’d like to make the event more low-key, your birthday is really about you and how you want to celebrate your big day!

So, are you wondering where you should throw your birthday party? We’ve compiled a list of the most fun birthday party places to help you visualize your special day.

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Best Birthday Party Places for Adults

1. Cooking Class Venues

Grab your apron and invite your friends to try out cooking classes for one of the best birthday party places. A professional chef will guide you through a classic recipe using fresh ingredients and modern cooking techniques.

Discover how to make your favorite dish or learn something new. From cooking classes in Chicago, cooking classes in Atlanta or cooking classes in Boston, there are tons of cooking classes near you for your fun celebration.

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2. Paint and Sip Workshops

Sit back and relax with paint and sip classes for one of the best places to host a birthday party. Enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite cocktail while an instructor leads you through a creative masterpiece.

Discover tons of fun paint and sip near you with paint and sip in NYC, paint and sip in Houston and paint and sip in Los Angeles.

3. Arcade Bars

Challenge your friends to fun arcade games for cool birthday party places, such as Dave & Busters. With a fully stocked bar, tasty snacks and tons of fun arcade games this spot is perfect for 21st birthday party ideas.

Punch Bowl Social also offers games and a bowling alley to compete with your friends. Save all of your tickets at the end of the party to grab a cool prize from the gift shop.

4. Vineyard Tours

Explore a vineyard with your loved ones for unique adult birthday party ideas. Learn about the winemaking process and take pictures of the beautiful vineyard.

Discover the unique profiles behind each blend with an expert sommelier. As one of the best birthday party places, you’ll enjoy grabbing a glass of wine after the tour to relax with your loved ones.

5. Backyard Party

Are you looking for ideas on how to have a cheap birthday party? Why not throw your celebration in the backyard? Have a cookout for fun 40th birthday party ideas. Invite your guests to bring appetizers and desserts for a memorable potluck.

Decorate your backyard and break out the yard games, like cornhole or giant Jenga. Sometimes the best place to celebrate your birthday is right at home.

backyard party with friends
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6. Favorite Local Bar

Are you searching for the best ways to do a birthday party with friends? Gather your crew at your favorite bar to begin your evening. Check the events calendar for opportunities for open mic, trivia or karaoke. Or sign up for a pub crawl to discover new places around town to hang out with your friends.

7. Escape Rooms

Book time in an escape room for one of the most fun birthday party places. Work together with your friends and family to find clues to make your great escape.

Decode riddles and solve mysteries in a variety of themed experiences, such as a pyramid tomb or a museum heist. As one of the best indoor birthday party places or the best indoor date ideas, everyone will love this thrilling activity!

Best Birthday Party Places for Teens

8. Pottery Classes

Level up your teen’s creativity with pottery classes for fun birthday party places for teens. A knowledgeable instructor will guide them through how to use the pottery wheel and decorate their unique piece.

They’ll create cool items to take home, such as bowls or vases. Discover tons of pottery classes near you including pottery classes in Columbus, pottery classes in San Diego and pottery classes in Miami.

9. Pool Party or Foam Party

What better spot than the pool for fun birthday party places during the summer? Snag a nearby picnic table and set out snacks, cold drinks and a delicious birthday cake.

Whether your teen prefers to lounge by the water or play pool games, this party idea will be a great way for them to celebrate with their friends.

pool birthday party places for teens
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10. Indoor Adventure Park

Gather your crew for an indoor adventure experience for cool birthday party places. Book Sky Zone birthday party packages or Urban Air birthday party packages to include group rates for rides and snacks.

From jumping on a trampoline to challenging their friends to mini golf, your thrilling party will be remembered for years to come!

11. Ice Rink or Roller Rink

Invite your teen’s friends to an ice rink or roller rink for fun birthday party places. With the upbeat music and the dancing lights, the party is sure to have a blast on the rink. Book a private room next to the rink for birthday cake and gifts with their friends.

12. Bowling

If you’re looking for fun indoor birthday party places, why not invite your teen’s group to a bowling alley? As one of the best party places on this list, your teen and their friends can have a little friendly competition out on the lanes. Schedule a private room and provide tasty snacks and cold drinks between games.

13. Slumber Party at Home

Sometimes, a sleepover at home is one of the best ways to celebrate your teenager with cool teen birthday party ideas. Gather your teen’s best friends and order a pizza. Cue up their favorite movie and let them have some chill time at home.

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Best Birthday Party Places for Kids

14. Art Classes

Engage your budding young artist with exciting art classes for their birthday party. A professional artist will guide them through a fun class to build their creative skills with their friends.

From painting classes to lessons in ceramics, there are tons of fun activities to entertain your kid for their birthday party. Find art classes near you for one of the best places to host a birthday party, such as art classes in Portland, art classes in Dallas or art classes in New Jersey.

15. Entertainment Restaurant

Book a room at an entertainment venue, such as Chuck-E-Cheese, for the best birthday party places for kids. With various birthday packages available, your kid and their friends will be entertained by the cool arcade games, delicious pizza and a fun birthday show.

16. Trampoline Park

Entertain your child and their friends with Sky Zone birthday party packages for one of the most fun birthday party places. A team lead will supervise your party planning and ensure your kids have a fun and safe time jumping on the trampolines or playing adventurous games. Feel free to join in on the fun!

17. Local Park

Plan a fun picnic at a local park for one of the most low-key birthday party places. Ensure the playground is nearby and reserve a table for snacks, presents and birthday cake.

Bring yard games, like Jenga or a bean bag toss. Invite your kid’s friends and their parents for a fun outdoor birthday celebration.

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18. Zoo or Aquarium

Gather your kid’s best friends for an exciting day at the zoo or aquarium for one of the most memorable birthday party places. With exotic wildlife and entertaining shows, these venues are sure to keep the kids entertained.

Some zoos and aquariums even offer party packages with picnic areas or pavilions to relax with cake and gifts.

19. At-Home Party

Decorate your home for a fun birthday party for your kid. Find a theme for invitations and decorations around your home. Entertain your kid’s group with fun games or movies for an exciting afternoon. Sometimes, throwing a party at home is the best place for a birthday celebration.

From inviting your crew out to art classes or hosting a party at Chuck-E-Cheese, there are tons of unique birthday party places to throw your big event.

Whether you’re planning a party for an adult, a teenager or a child, finding the best venue will make the big day memorable and special for guests and the birthday celebrant.

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