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Chef Danny has experienced the kitchen from every angle, from serving as a line cook preparing Scandinavian dishes to teaching others how to sharpen their culinary skills. His talent for stunning cuisine helped him realize his passion for instructing aspiring chefs to find their place behind the counter. Chef Danny's interactive courses emphasize the joy and freedom that comes with understanding how well-made food can make life taste richer.

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25 Feb 2024
Chef Danny was very knowledgeable and entertaining. He shared many tips not only about what we were cooking, but general cooking tips as well. The kitchen was clean and well maintained.
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20 Jan 2024
We cannot say enough about the amazing time we had this evening with Chef Danny and Chef Mark! We learned so much laughed so much and loved every minute of this experience ! Do not hesitate to book a class with these amazing chefs !
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07 Jan 2024
This class was absolutely not what was advertised. The tiramisu was not followed a classic recipe, the chicken marsala was not a chicken marsala but chicken stock with garlic, pasta recipe was not made from scratch and it was not taught by chef Danny. There were 30 people in class was overcrowded and it was not a cooking experience. I am requesting money back
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01 Dec 2023
It was an awesome experience! My best friend and i enjoyed the interaction with the instructor and class. It was very well put together. I would highly recommend this class.

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Kimiko S.
03 Aug 2023
What a fantastic class - relaxed and down to earth, our instructor was so friendly and easy to learn from. It's held in a spacious area, so you won't be cramped in a stuffy room! 100% recommend you sign up for this extra special experience!