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Chef Steve is an accomplished culinary professional with an impressive career spanning over twenty years. Starting as a pastry chef in upscale restaurants in Detroit and Vermont, he eventually pursued formal training at the New England Culinary Institute. With a background in food chemistry, Chef Steve saw the potential to make a meaningful impact in healthcare foodservice. Through his dedication and teamwork, Chef Steve transformed food production in healthcare, benefiting patients, families, nurses, dieticians, and doctors alike. Chef Steve's expertise and commitment have left a lasting mark on the industry, teaching staff to cook from scratch and guiding families towards healthier lifestyles for the betterment of the entire community.

Classpop! Guest Reviews for Chef Steve

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02 Nov 2023
My husband and I love trying new experiences and we received the Classpop Pasta Making class as a gift from our kids. Although there were some technical difficulties during our class, we still found it enjoyable and learned a lot from Chef Steve. I will keep an eye out for new classes with Chef Steve in the future.
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31 Oct 2023
Great class, will definitely be doing another one. Chef Steve was so nice and very knowledgeable and you could tell he was passionate about what he does so it made it a better experience, also great butter!
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28 Oct 2023
It was a really enjoyable class. I had fun
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21 Oct 2023
Need more hands on station set up for groups get engaged
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14 Oct 2023
Enjoyed attending this class with my daughter today! We had so much fun and learned so much from Chef Steve! Can’t wait to make hummus and naan at home with my family!

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Michael M
05 Jul 2023
Chef Steve's depth of knowledge and creativity are truly impressive.Chef Steve's passion for the culinary arts shines through in his work, resulting in beautifully crafted dishes that leave a lasting impression.