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Chef Landi began his culinary career many decades ago as a restaurant server in Italy. His passion for food led to a career with rapid growth as he quickly became confident in the kitchen, learning classical Italian culinary training. Upon relocating to the U.S. in 2001, Chef Landi channeled his culinary passions and valuable skills into a profession of culinary instruction. A highly-respected chef and instructor, Chef Landi is certainly someone to learn from.

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16 Jun 2024
Chef Landi is very friendly, and conducted an excellent and delicious class. Highly recommend
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24 May 2024
This class was excellent! The food was really delicious and the instructor was great, I highly recommend.
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14 Apr 2024
My sister and I had a great time with Chef Landi! We learned a lot about making bolognese sauce and gnocchi from scratch! So much fun!
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09 Apr 2024
I bought this as a Christmas gift with my girlfriend. It was fantastic. Chef Landi was very knowledgeable and had so many great cooking stories. The food we made was incredible.
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27 Mar 2024
What a lovely night out to learn how to make a three course meal with Chef Landi! He was so patient and a great teacher. His love for food is contagious as we definitely caught the food bug! It felt like we were in a different country and we had such a great time. The food was also amazing and was even better because we helped make it. Would 10/10 recommend Chef Landi for a fun night out!
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27 Feb 2024
Amazing experience and so fun! Would highly recommend
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24 Feb 2024
Wonderful meal and conversations with Landi. We felt welcome and learned a lot. We will be booking another event with him.
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28 Jan 2024
We had such an amazing time cooking with Chef Landi. The menu was so delicious and Chef Landi made it looks so easy to make. He walked us through each step and gave us the opportunity to practice. I will definitely be back to do another class with him!
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27 Jan 2024
Chef Landi's class was so much fun! He is a very good teacher and explained everything very clearly. Thank you, Chef, for a wonderful evening!
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10 Jan 2024
Wonderful experience with Chef Landi! He is very kind and welcoming, loves what he does and it shows! Highly recommend, we are ready to book our next class with him again! Thanks again Chef. :)