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With experience as a private chef, Chef David brings years of knowledge and skills to the culinary classroom. He honed his skills under the guidance of a James Beard Award-winning chef at one of Chicago's most famous restaurants. Over the past five years, Chef David has worked as a culinary instructor at one of Chicago's premier cooking schools where he teaches interactive cooking classes. Topics range from the basic building blocks of cooking to intensive boot camp-style classes. 

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26 Feb 2024
Created a great atmosphere. Everyone is welcome. Food was tasty.
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25 Feb 2024
Loved these recipes! Chef David is great
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11 Dec 2023
Chef David was welcoming, hilarious and kind to everyone in the class. The food was fantastic and the company was one of a kind. I cannot wait to take another class with him!
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25 Apr 2023
Chef David was excellent and the space was professional and conducive to the experience. He didn’t just teach us several great recipes, he taught us knife skills, space preparation and other cooking skills over the course of the lesson that we will use for years to come. He also easily addressed allergies so that everyone could enjoy the full meal. He made the lesson seem easy and fun, a true testament to a great teacher, clear instructions and an organized kitchen and plan. We enjoyed it and highly recommend him to anyone considering a cooking class.
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23 Apr 2023
This was so much fun! Can’t wait to go back. David was fun and knowledgeable, the space was super cute, and the food was delish. All recipes I now feel very comfortable making at home.
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13 Apr 2023
WHAT A BLAST!!! I've been talking about our Spanish Tapas Cooking Class to anyone who would listen for days now :) It was THE MOST FUN experience. Chef David's kitchen is such a vibe! My fiance and I are always looking for different things to do for date night, and this one was by far, my favorite yet. Chef David let's you take lead, while also teaching you particulars along the way. I not only had fun, but I also learned some new skills! Being able to sit down and enjoy the meal together we created at the end was so rewarding. We will definitely be back to Chef David's kitchen for another cooking experience! And I have to mention...he even had GF bread for the pan con tomate which made my evening that much better! Thank you Chef David for being SO AWESOME!!!
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08 Mar 2023
David was very knowledgeable concerning food preparation of the dinner and was a great teacher, explaining preparation & cooking tips, in an easily understandable way! I would definitely recommend his classes to friends!
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02 Mar 2023
Chef David was absolutely amazing!! He is a very patient person and excellent teacher and chef! We very much enjoyed his class and loved his dinner!
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20 Jan 2023
Absolutely loved this class! Chef David was so great and gave so many tips as to how to improve our own home cooking techniques. We would love to take another class with him soon!
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17 Jan 2023
Absolutely amazing experience