21 Sweet & Simple Picnic Date Ideas for a Romantic 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
picnic date ideas

Fill your basket with a tasty array of romantic picnic date ideas that can transform your outdoor dining activities into an affair to remember.

It’s easy to add a few simple and creative touches to the standard picnic set-up for a more elegant al fresco meal with the one who means the most. There’s no better way to show them how much you care than a meal for two enjoyed in a magical outdoor setting.

What can you include in your picnic to make it feel more like a special occasion? We’ve got a variety of options covering festive foods, special settings and thoughtful touches to add romantic picnic date ideas to whatever menu you serve.

Our list is sure to help make planning your romantic picnic date ideas a walk in the park! 

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What to Bring to a Picnic 

1. Fresh Flowers

Add an air of romance to your picnic date ideas by bringing a small bouquet of fresh flowers to your getaway.

Stop by a florist before you pack your basket, take clippings from your home landscaping or grab a few handfuls of wildflowers from your picnic setting to fill your together time with lush color.

fresh flowers picnic date ideas
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2. Cloth Napkins and Linens

What do you bring on a romantic picnic? While paper napkins are always convenient, including nice napkins and table linens among your picnic date ideas can lend a touch of elegance and sophistication.

These elements don’t have to be expensive; a simple set of cloth napkins from a discount store and a basic tablecloth are fancy enough to work wonders!

3. Real Tableware

Skip the disposable plates and utensils in favor of real dishes, glasses and silverware to spruce up your picnic date ideas.

Having authentic pieces can make even simple picnic ideas for couples feel like an upscale occasion, especially when a picnic is among your list-topping first date ideas

4. Memorable Music

Audio ambiance is as crucial to your picnic date ideas as food is, and a few cheap picnic ideas for couples work better to set the mood than music.

Set up a playlist of favorites you love to listen to together or assemble a set of tunes, especially for the occasion for a new mix that’s sure to become a memory-maker. 

5. Fun Activities

What do couples do on a picnic date? Aside from sharing great food, you can bring card games along or write notes to share with one another.

Choose a favorite book and take turns reading passages or cue up a favorite movie on your phone or tablet. You can even add simple games like Two Truths and a Lie or 20 Questions to your list of date jar ideas and select a few to enjoy. 

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Best Picnic Food Ideas 

6. Prepare with Cooking Classes

Add gourmet creations to your picnic ideas with expert-led courses in portable cookery. You’ll find cooking classes in NYC, cooking classes in San Antonio and cooking classes in Atlanta to help get your picnic in shape no matter where you are.

Sign up for cooking classes near you to start planning your menu. 

7. Eat With Your Fingers

Finger food like fun charcuterie board ideas are excellent picnic ideas for food that’s easy to pack and pretty to present. Include fresh veggies with dips and dressings and prepare a cheese flight with favorite selections and some new flavors to try together, along with mixed nuts and dried fruits.

8. Get Your Just Desserts

Sweets with your sweet are a picnic date idea that’s sure to be appreciated. Try toasted dessert sandwiches, become a true s’mourmet with gourmet s’mores or plan a confection buffet with fruit, crunchy snacks and cookies with an array of sauces for dipping.

9. Wrap Things Up

Skip the usual sandwiches and add pitas and wraps to your list of picnic date ideas with food that’s easy to handle.

Choose lighter fillings like fresh veggie slices and greens or go for richer selections like sliced steak or grilled chicken, topped with Dijon mustard or aioli.

These special ingredients will make your main dish feel more like a treat!

assorted vegetable wraps for picnic
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10. Get Shakin’

With cocktails among your picnic date ideas, you’ll have something special to toast your memorable moments with. If space is tight, pack a small bottle or two of bubbles and a pair of collapsible plastic glasses for raising.

Even better, buy a few canned cocktails to keep your chill date ideas even easier to execute. 

Picnic Date Ideas for Couples

11. Go Stargazing

How do you make a picnic date fun? With a stargazing picnic, the sky is literally the limit! A nighttime meal under the stars is custom-made to maximize romance.

Meteor showers and planetary alignments make ideal picnic date ideas for couples who love watching celestial displays.

12. Hit the Roof

A nearby city skyline makes a fabulous backdrop for a picnic set for sweethearts. Find a rooftop garden or terrace with public access and prepare a charming spread with the striking cityscape creating urbane romance vibes.

This setting is adaptable enough to include among your options for day date ideas as well as your nighttime activities. 

13. Take a Hike

If you’re looking for picnic date ideas for him that cover the great outdoors, a hiking picnic is the perfect choice. Choose a trail and carry along a collection of foods that are easy to tote in a backpack so you won’t be weighed down on the return trip.

Woodland treks with treats in tow also make excellent double date ideas for pairing up with couple friends.

hiking picnic date idea
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14. Get to Work

Office tete-a-tetes over lunch are simple picnic ideas for couples with little free time to spare. You can schedule a conference room or find an outdoor table to huddle around and invite your significant other to enjoy a custom selection of upgraded bites during your lunch hour.

Picnic Date Ideas at Home

15. Have At-Home Culinary Adventures

Turn simple picnic ideas for couples into at-home epicurean excursions by including online cooking classes in your plans. Work with top-notch instructors who’ll show you how to prepare thoughtful, delicious dishes you can take along to your favorite picnic locale.

16. Make a Hideaway

For parents who can’t find a babysitter, a hideaway picnic after the kids have fallen asleep provides an opportunity for romantic moments without leaving home.

Spread a blanket in a den or spare room and bring fruit, cheeses and crackers. Serve your spread with ciders or wine to give the illusion of being at an exclusive retreat, all in the comfort of your own home.

17. Use Your Backyard

When picnic date ideas for her mean a trip to the backyard, picnic date ideas for food take on a homey feel. Try grilling select cuts or preparing a cold cut tray you can set up easily on a grassy patch or backyard table.

This setting makes an excellent option for nighttime picnic date ideas with an added dash of magic as well as date ideas for teens looking to spend fun time together closer to home. 

group of friends having picnic in the backyard with firepit
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18. Light a Fire

A rendezvous around a firepit tops the list of picnic date ideas for him to arrange as a romantic gesture for his special someone.

Rather than preparing a full meal, designate this destination for a dessert-only scenario, with an array of baked goodies and frostings for a customizable treat bar.

Inexpensive Picnic Date Ideas 

19. Pool Your Resources

A picnic by the pool can be a refreshing change of pace for couples on a budget. Dedicate some alone time, set up the umbrella to make a shady love nest and snack on a variety of appetizers or bar bites chosen just for the occasion.

Don’t forget the tiki drinks, a must for this watery resort-style setting!

20. Dine Artfully

If there’s an outdoor art garden in your area, planning picnic date ideas for her can be a colorful enterprise. Pack her favorite dishes and surprise her with a picnic surrounded by her favorite sculptures, architecture or street art. Be sure to pose for cute couple photos among the masterpieces after your meal.

21. Beach Sunrise Picnic

There may be no more enticing cheap picnic ideas for couples than turning breakfast into a makeshift beach getaway! Scramble up your favorite egg dishes or make mini-quiches, gather fresh fruit and fill a carafe with coffee.

Then, head to the beach or lakeside and watch the sunrise while dining with your beloved by your side. Weather may be more cooperative if you put this one on your list of spring date ideas.

beach sunrise picnic date idea
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It’s fair to wonder, “Is a picnic a good first date idea?” The truth is, romantic picnic date ideas can work no matter what stage your romance is in.

Try an icebreaker picnic date night for getting to know your new love interest even better or add a picnic to your anniversary date ideas to celebrate milestone moments in a long-term relationship. There's no way to go wrong when good food and great company are involved.

Even if your goal is simply to keep the spark alive via some epicurean alone time, assembling a thoughtful meal to enjoy together can transform a familiar activity into a noteworthy feast for two.

For even more fun date ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!