13 Most Fun Indoor Activities in Houston to Enjoy in 2024

Published on Feb 29th 2024
indoor activities in Houston

If you live in Houston, Texas, or you’re planning an upcoming visit, you may be on the hunt for a few worthwhile indoor activities in Houston.

You may be asking, what is there to do in Houston when it’s raining? Or, what’s something fun to do in Houston if it’s too hot for an outdoor activity?

Luckily from spring activities and summer activities to winter activities and fall activities, Houston is home to a variety of indoor activities for adults and kids alike. 

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Best Indoor Activities in Houston for Adults

1. Cooking the Texas Way

Indoor activities in Houston for adults are boundless. But there’s one that stands out among the rest as being both fun and equally useful.

Cooking classes in Houston offer a variety of hands-on learning opportunities that will help you graduate from at-home sous-chef to first in command.

With the help of world-class culinary artists, you can cook and learn to your heart’s content with this indoor activity in Houston.

cooking classes in Houston
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2. Smock Up in Houston

Get ready to smock up at this indoor activity in Houston. Local artistic professionals await to help you tap into a world of imagination in with paint and sip in Houston.

As far as group activities for adults go, paint and sip classes are a wonderful way to connect with friends over a few drinks and explore a love for artistic wonder together.

3. The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection is all about accessibility meaning this museum is always free for admission. However, the Menil Collection is a museum and neighborhood of art that spans 30 acres, making it a bit difficult to get through with kids in tow, but it’s a perfect indoor activity for adults.

The main gallery opened in 1987 and features paintings, sculptures, decorative objects, prints, photographs, rare books and much more from prehistoric to the present day.

The main gallery is surrounded by four additional museums that each house a unique collection of arts. With so much to look at you’ll never get bored at this indoor activity in Houston.

4. Bistro Menil

Once you’ve seen all you can at the Menil Collection head over to its partnering restaurant, Bistro Menil. This is the perfect end to an indoor date idea or a day out on the town with friends.

The food at Bistro Menil is inspired by chef Greg Martin’s travels in France, Spain and Italy, making this European-inspired restaurant the perfect spot for a delicious meal paired with an equally delicious wine.

Fun Indoor Activities in Houston for Families

5. Clay Creations

In fact, with this indoor activity in Houston, you’re sure to get your hands dirty. There’s no better way to spend time with the people you love the most than by exploring a new hobby together.

Whether you’ve thrown clay a few times before or you’ve never sat at the wheel, pottery classes in Houston will teach you all you need to know about making clay creations. Indoor activities in Houston for families don’t have to be boring.

molding clay in pottery classes in Houston
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6. Escape Rooms

Just outside Houston, indoor activities in Sugar Land are just as fun and exciting and if you’re looking for team building activities in Houston, Sugar Land has the golden ticket.

Escape Again Rooms extends the best indoor activities Sugar Land has to offer. Take a quick trip out with the whole family and put your minds together to solve a variety of clues, puzzles and riddles to escape before the time runs out.

7. Houston Funplex

With over 200 games, activities and attractions to choose from, this indoor activity in Houston will become your kids' favorite weekend venture.

The Houston Funplex is an amusement center offering countless fun and exciting excursions the whole family can explore both in and outdoors.

No matter the celebration, whether it’s a birthday party, retirement party, farewell party or milestone anniversary, Houston’s Funplex is fun for the whole family.

8. Children’s Museum

From carefully curated family fun events to a plethora of exhibits catered to helping kids learn, grow and explore their creative sides, Houston’s Children’s Museum is perfect for families of all sizes.

Although catered to children, this is one of the more exciting Houston indoor activities for toddlers and adults alike. Adults deserve to tap into their inner child too!

9. Flip N’ Fun Trampoline Park

Flip N’ Fun Trampoline Park hosts Houston indoor activities for toddlers, teenagers and adults. Flip N’ Fun is designed as an all-in-one facility for birthday parties, family gatherings and even corporate events.

No matter your age, you can take advantage of the trampoline park, laser tag arena, or the bumper cars track. And if the fam gets hungry, don’t worry. There’s a delicious pizzeria on location!

kids jumping in trampoline park
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Free Indoor Activities in Houston for Summer

10. Houston Art Car Museum

Sure, art classes in Houston are fun and there’s much to learn in photography classes in Houston as well, but if you’re looking for a change of pace, plan a visit to the Houston Art Car Museum.

Celebrated as one of the most creative free indoor activities in Houston, the Art Car Museum offers a forum for local, national and international artists to showcase their contemporary art with an emphasis on art cars.

11. Blaffer Art Museum

Only closed on Monday, the Blaffer Art Museum is one of the most unique art galleries in Houston. The mission of this indoor activity in Houston is to “create an experience with contemporary art and artists that ignite wonder,” and they sure do succeed.

Their current exhibitions include a project that considered cultural inheritance through the prism of intimacy, the Intimate Confession project, and Cuban conceptual artist Reynier Leyva Novo’s first solo museum exhibition, Former Present Today.

12. Project Row Houses

Located in the Third Ward area of Houston, Texas, Project Row Houses (PRH) engages and serves a diverse community of artists while also cultivating a community of change agents and working alongside neighbors to preserve the culture and history of the area.

Eight houses serve as studios for artists and galleries for visiting patrons. PRH programs and initiatives go towards supporting under-resourced neighbors, specifically young single mothers.

13. Moody Center for the Arts

Moody Center for the Arts showcases three exhibitions a year and curates both temporary and permanent public art installations throughout Rice University in Houston, Texas.

With seven exhibits currently on view at the museum, there’s something extraordinary to explore around every corner.

moody center for the arts indoor activity in Houston
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Whether you’re looking to spice up a few date ideas in Houston or conjure up some fun team building activities in Houston, we hope this list of the 13 most fun indoor activities in Houston to enjoy this year proved to be a helpful resource.

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