43 Unforgettable Bachelor Party Ideas for 2024

Published on Jun 14th 2024
bachelor party ideas

Before all the fun of the wedding and the honeymoon, there’s the bachelor party; which is why you need great bachelor party ideas to get the party started. Bachelor parties are a fun way for the groom and groomsmen to bond before the wedding. 

These parties have a long history, dating back to the 5th century B.C., according to Time, where the point was to celebrate the groom’s last night as a single man with dinner and toasts in their honor. 

While the sentiment of a bachelor party has remained the same over the last couple hundred centuries, the options for how to celebrate have expanded.

When you think of bachelor parties, images of wild nights at clubs, bars and casinos come to mind. Planned trips to party cities and nights of drinking are often the stereotype. 

These are still viable options for bachelor parties, of course, but they’re not the only way to celebrate. You have tons of options to celebrate the groom and the move into a new part of life. 

They may include drinking and they may not. Bachelor parties can be active, extravagant, laid back or simple, depending on what the groom likes. There is really only one question. How do you make a bachelor party memorable? 

With unique ideas that reflect the groom and the group of guys he chooses, you can plan a party that will go down in history. We’ve rounded up 43 unforgettable bachelor party ideas any party is sure to love. 

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What is Supposed to Happen at a Bachelor Party?

Bachelor parties have a reputation for being wild fun. However, this is a stereotype that’s quickly becoming obsolete. So, what is supposed to happen at a bachelor party? 

Honestly, anything the groom wants. The possibilities are truly endless. It can be a night of debauchery, a calm night in or a combination of the two. 

You can go away for a couple of days or have it be a one night only affair. As long as the bachelor party is the way the groom wants to celebrate and everyone is having fun, you’re doing the bachelor party right. 

That means any bachelor party ideas you have are options for the night. But who pays for a bachelor party? Traditionally, the best man and groomsmen will pay for the bachelor party and cover the groom’s expenses, except for travel and lodging. 

This means it’s important to get the groom’s opinion on what he wants to do and begin planning it in advance. Plan out the day or weekend’s activities and get an idea of the budget. 

In many cases, groomsmen will split the cost, covering their portion and splitting the groom’s cost between them. 

No matter the bachelor party, you want to make sure the groomsmen will be comfortable covering it. Plan ahead to give people enough time to save or put money away for the event.

Unique Bachelor Party Ideas

1. Cooking Classes

For anyone who loves good food, cooking classes in Bostoncooking classes in Los Angeles, cooking classes in Philadelphia or cooking classes near you make great bachelor party ideas. These classes are led by expert chefs who will teach techniques and recipes to cook your favorite comfort food, world cuisine and sweet desserts. Cooking classes are a unique party idea to make memories with friends; plus you get to have a feast at the end.

bachelor party pasta making idea
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2. Paint and Sip Classes

Try a creative bachelor party idea with paint and sip in Denver, paint and sip in Kansas City, paint and sip in Chicago and paint and sip near you

These classes are led by local artists who will provide the easy-to-follow steps to recreate a painting. They’re fun ways to make memories and make a one-of-a-kind work of art that will remind you of the day.

3. Rent a Cabin

If you’re looking for bachelor party ideas for a long weekend, consider renting a cabin. You can rent a cabin on a lake, in the woods or a ski cabin. 

You’ll have built-in activities all weekend long like hiking, boating or skiing. Plus, there are tons of activities to do inside for a chill weekend.

4. Go Camping or Hiking in a National Park

Outdoorsy grooms will love this idea. Find your nearest National Park to go hiking or camping in. 

Admire the scenery, have a campfire and enjoy other outdoor activities. If you’re looking for an active but laid-back bachelor party option, this is a great one.

5. Take a Cruise

Cruises make fun bachelor party ideas if you’re looking for something more extravagant. They’re also great bachelor party ideas for a bride if you have a joint party. 

An all-inclusive cruise can be expensive but exciting. However, if you’re looking for a similar experience at a lower price point, consider local river or lake cruises.

bachelor party cruise idea
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6. Sip On Bourbon or Whiskey

Grooms who appreciate a fine beverage will love a bourbon or whiskey tasting. This bachelor party idea can be done at most distilleries. 

Combine it with a getaway and complete the Tennessee Whiskey Trail, which features 25 distilleries. Both are fun options for a day or weekend bachelor party.

7. Spend the Weekend at a Music Festival

This bachelor party idea will fill your weekend with good music. Spend the weekend at a festival where you can listen to your favorite bands and sing along to your favorite songs. 

From large, big-name festivals to small, local ones, a weekend spent listening to music is sure to be fun.

8. Go Paintballing

A classic game based way to spend a day, paintballing is one of the best bachelor party ideas. This is especially great if you have a large group of groomsmen or other friends you want to invite. 

To make a day of it, you can grab a meal and drinks after or have this be one of the events of a bachelor weekend.

9. Float Down the River

Enjoy the sunshine, fresh air and cool water with this bachelor party idea. Get a couple of inner tubes and float down the river for a relaxing day. 

Or, if you’re looking for more adventure, find a place to go white water rafting.

white water rafting
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10. Go One a Brewery or Food Tour

A bachelor party that will help you explore the city is a brewery or food tour. These will have you stopping at different restaurants and breweries to try their delicious offerings. 

This is the perfect activity if you’re celebrating in a new city.

11. Off to the Races

Get your adrenaline pumping with this bachelor party idea. Racing go-karts will always be a fun way to spend the day. Or opt to race sports cars and supercars at a professional track. 

Places like Xtreme Xperience have locations across the country where you can get your heart pumping.

12. Spend the Day at an Amusement Park

A simple and unique bachelor party idea is to head to an amusement park for the day. Anyone who loves roller coasters and thrill rides will love this experience. 

Spend the day riding, eating greasy food and playing for prizes. Plus, you can get a few souvenir pictures.

13. Take a Golf Trip

The best bachelor party for a groom who likes golf? A golf trip of course. 

Spend the weekend at a luxury golf resort hitting the links. Make sure to choose one with multiple courses, so you have a new challenge every day.

golf trip bachelor party idea
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14. Go Rock Climbing

If you’re looking for outdoorsy bachelor party ideas, rock climbing is sure to be a fun one. Guided rock climbing trips are good for all experience levels. 

But if you don’t want to go too extreme, check out a rock climbing gym. 

15. Visit a Dude Ranch

Unleash your inner cowboy with this bachelor party idea. Spend the weekend or week at a dude ranch, where you can go horseback riding, pan for gold, swim in natural waters, try cattle work, fish, hike, mountain bike and more. 

It’s a great opportunity to get outdoors with a unique experience. 

Best Home Bachelor Party Ideas

16. Online Game Nights

Staying home for a bachelor party can be fun with virtual game nights and virtual game shows, where you can try virtual escape rooms or solve a fake crime. 

Presented by an online host, this bachelor party idea will have you in fun competition with each other. 

You can also compete with online trivia games. All of these options work on their own or as part of a larger event.

17. Have a Classic Backyard Barbecue

Grill masters will love this simple bachelor party idea. Spend the afternoon and evening in your own backyard, grilling up burgers, hot dogs and sides. 

You can have music, games and drinks and end the night with a bonfire. This proves that bachelor parties at home can be just as fun as going out.

barbecue for bachelor party
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18. Host Your Own Field Day

Bring a little bit of summer camp to your bachelor party ideas with a field day. Classic games like a three-legged race, red rover or capture the flag will be a hit. 

These also make fun bachelor party ideas for a bride for a combined event.

19. Have a Tequila Tasting Night

You don’t always have to go out for tasting events. Host a tequila tasting night for a simple at-home bachelor party. 

Buy a few bottles and even splurge on a few expensive options and see if you can taste the different flavors and ingredient notes. Don’t forget to have food to serve along with it.

20. Host a Poker Night

If you’re looking for a bachelor party option where you can stay home, a poker night is a great idea. All you need is a deck of cards and a table to play at. 

You can play with real or fake money on the line, depending on what you want the stakes to be.

21. Camp in the Backyard

Can’t get out in the wilderness but still want to camp? You can camp in your own backyard. 

This bachelor party idea works best if you live in a more rural or suburban environment so you can get a more authentic experience. Put up tents and build a campfire and spend the night under the stars.

backyard camping bachelor party idea
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22. Have a Video Game Tournament

Love video games? This bachelor party idea will have you playing all night. Bring your friends and groomsmen over for a video game tournament. 

You can make a bracket where the winners advance and ultimately crown a champion at the end. This idea works with just about every competitive game available.

23. Play Backyard Football

Break into teams and compete for the touchdown. This bachelor party idea is best when combined with other events like a barbecue or backyard camping. 

It’s a fun and classic activity that will get the boys pumped up.

24. Put on a Talent Show

Put your friends’ talents on display! Singing, dancing, carving something out of wood; the possibilities are endless with a talent show. 

This activity is sure to have everyone both impressed and laughing.

25. Build or Make Something

A fun bachelor party idea to do at home is to build or make something. You don’t have to be the most handy person as long as you can follow directions. Build things like a cookbook holder, birdhouse or serving tray, all of which can be unique gifts for newlyweds.

woodworking bachelor party
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26. Have a Cooking Competition

You don’t have to be a wiz in the kitchen for this home bachelor party. You can break into teams or work solo to prepare a dish to present to the rest of the group.

Have everyone anonymously provide scores for categories like taste, presentation and creativity.

27. Spend the Day Watching Sports

Looking for low-key bachelor party ideas? Spend the day watching sports at home. 

Put on football, soccer or basketball and make a spread of food to enjoy throughout the day. This is the perfect party option for sports lovers.

28. Cocktail Making Competition

Embrace your inner mixologist with this bachelor party idea. With a cocktail making competition, everyone can present a drink to the group. 

Get creative to get points for taste, presentation and theme. Cocktail competitions also make great bachelorette party ideas.

29. Play Lawn Games

Lawn games are a low-key way to celebrate upcoming nuptials. For this bachelor party idea, hang out in the backyard playing cornhole, bocce ball or lawn darts. 

Combine this with a cookout for a well-rounded event.

lawn party games bachelor party idea
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Top Bachelor Party Games Ideas

30. Jenga With Challenges

Who doesn’t love a game of Jenga? But to make this bachelor party even more fun, write challenges on each block. 

As players pull them out, they have to do whatever challenge before stacking their blocks.

31. Bachelor Bingo

A spin on the classic game, bachelor bingo is one of the most fun bachelor party ideas. Each player will put down predictions of what they think will happen on a bingo board. 

As the night progresses, if a predicted action happens, they get to cross it off. First one to get bingo wins!

32. Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is always a crowd-pleasing party option, so of course it’s going to be a fun bachelor party idea. 

It’ll be even more fun if you add custom cards about the groom to play with. This classic card game will be great for days or nights you’re planning to stay inside.

33. Classic Beer Pong

You can’t go wrong with a classic game of beer pong. This bachelor party idea is a crowd-pleasing game and easy to set it. 

It’s also perfect to play as the night is getting started to get everyone in a party mood.

bachelor party beer pong
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34. Shot Roulette 

If you’re adventurous with your drinks, shot roulette makes for the perfect bachelor party. You can have shots of alcohol, but you can also include shots of pickle juice, hot sauce or lemon juice.

Whatever is selected has to be drunk. This is one of the most fun party games for adults and is sure to have everyone laughing.

35. Bachelor Night Scavenger Hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt for this bachelor party idea. This game is best played out, so plan it for a night on the town. Make a list of things you might see like a bachelorette party, something blue or a guy with the groom’s name. A scavenger hunt is a fun bachelor party idea game that will keep everyone engaged all night.

36. Make a Rule

If you don’t just want to go out, this bachelor party idea game will make it much more fun. 

Everyone makes a rule, such as if you see someone wearing purple, you have to touch your nose and the last one to do so drinks. Once the rules are set, you go out and have to stick to whatever guidelines were put in place.

37. Pool Tournament

Spend the evening at a pool hall, challenging each other to a couple rounds. This bachelor party can be a little more laid back but still competitive. Playing pool together can be a great way to talk, catch up and bond.

pool tournament bachelor party idea
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38. Photo Search

This is like a scavenger hunt, but you have to get photos of each item on the list. With this bachelor party idea, create a list with items like groomsmen take a shot or someone buys the groom a drink. 

Take a photo of each event and you get a point for each photo. These can make fun wedding gift ideas as a way to remember the night.

39. Dare Night

If you’re not one to turn down a date, this bachelor party idea is for you. When you’re out celebrating, challenge each other to harmless dares. If you complete it, you get a point. Be sure not to do any dares that would be a nuisance to other patrons or cause injury.

40. Flip Cup Tic Tac Toe

Flip Cup is another classic drinking game. But, you can take it to the next level and make it a bachelor party by combining it with tic tac toe. 

Use painter’s tape to mark out a grid and compete in teams with two different colored cups. Once someone flips their cup, they have to run and place it on the board. First team to get three in a row wins.

41. Board Games

Break out the board games! These can entertain you all night, especially if you’re looking to spend the evening in. Adult games like Cultivate and Off Topic will ensure the night stays engaging.

board games at bachelor party
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42. Bachelor Jeopardy

How well do you know the groom? Find out with this bachelor party idea. Make a board with trivia about him and his life. 

Players have to choose a category and a point value then, hopefully, answer the question correctly. Jeopardy games are fun bachelor party ideas for a groom who likes trivia.

43. Around the World

Bring back this classic game from middle school for a fun bachelor party. This game will have players going head to head in trivia competitions with the hope of beating everyone. You can make the trivia questions general or about the groom.  


The bachelor party is one of the most fun events of getting married, and coming up with unique bachelor party ideas can make it even more memorable. 

Whether you spend the weekend in a cabin or take a trip to Vegas, as long as you’re doing what you want and spending time with your friends, you’re doing your bachelor party right. 

With the many options for places, activities and ideas, you can truly customize your event exactly to your liking. Spend a night or spend the weekend making memories with your closest friends and getting excited for your upcoming nuptials. 

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