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Having honed her culinary skills for more than a decade, Chef Blu swiftly ascended the culinary ladder, emerging as a supremely skilled sous chef. Fuelled by an unwavering passion for the gastronomic arts and a penchant for maintaining seamless kitchen operations, she possesses the expertise to craft unforgettable and awe-inspiring meals for her esteemed clientele. Renowned worldwide as a personal chef of exceptional caliber, Chef Blu dedicates herself to curating extraordinary menus that boast audacious flavors and the finest, handpicked ingredients, ensuring each dining experience is nothing short of remarkable.

Cooking Classes

Classpop! Guest Reviews for Chef Blu

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01 Feb 2024
Last night’s class was a disaster. Chef Blu showed up 50 minutes late to a venue that was unprepared. not sure who thought it was a great idea to host a cooking class at a brewery that has no kitchen or stove. I would never recommend a class pop cooking class. You would learn more watch it on TV.
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31 Jan 2024
She did her best to deal with having a lot of people in the class!
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05 Jan 2024
Chef Blue was very nice and was very personable. Our menu had caesar salad and was really hoping to learn how to make the dressing but she brought Ken's Caesar dressing bc she said she couldnt find anchovies....I enjoy learning how to make new things or improve what I'm doing. She also didnt bring the recipes with her which would have been nice. I enjoyed the dinner.
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27 Dec 2023
Chef Blu was fantastic. She was personable

Outside Reviews for Chef Blu

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Silvia G.
14 Jul 2023
Chef Blu's enthusiasm shined through and her passion for flavorsome and colorful ingredients made a lasting impact. Her class was engaging and fun and the end product tasted wonderful!