Cooking Class: Traditional Filipino Adobo and Calamansi

This hands-on cooking class takes you on an adventure into the colors, flavor and texture of Filipino cuisine.

Sip zesty pandan iced tea, a Philippines favorite, while Chef Nancy teaches you how to prepare savory adobo skewers with your choice of seafood or chicken. You'll also prepare baked crusted pork belly with sides of salted egg tomato salsa and sweet pickled papaya, warm garlic tofu and mushroom salad and wild rice pilaf. Finish with a sweet touch of palitaw – a Filipino rice pudding with grated coconut and burnt sesame seeds.


Pandan Iced Tea

Grilled Adobo Seafood or Chicken Skewers

Baked Crusted Pork Belly Adobo

Salted Egg Tomato Salsa


Sweet pickled green papaya

Warm Garlic Tofu and Mushroom Salad

Wild Rice Pilaf


Rice dumpling with grated coconut and burnt sesame seeds

  • Minimum Guests 2
  • Maximum Guests 10
  • Event Duration 3 hours
  • Activity Level
  • This is a BYOB venue and alcoholic beverages are not available for sale. You are welcome to bring beer and wine to enjoy during class.
  • LabelsCouples, Date Night, Fun, Asian, Filipino

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10 Jun 2021

Nancy was so fun and treated us like family!

Guest reviews for Chef Nancy

Janie White

05 Jan 2021

It was so relaxing and comfortable to learn and talk about the food and the culture..getting to know nancy and her husband , felt like friends ! So cool the whole experience..really delicious food and now I need the recipes for all the recipes.definitely a great experience with tips and instructions on preparing and cooking a truly memorable way to celebrate my bday and New Year’s Eve!!! Thank you so much

Cora Maria Herrera

14 Mar 2020

Chef Nancy was excellent. I had an amazing learning experience with her. She not only taught us the basics of cooking but also showed us how to have fun while cooking and entertaining. I am highly recommending her and will definitely attend her class.

Pudy L. Punzalan

14 Mar 2020

Chef Nancy was born into a family who’s owned the Aristocrat Restaurant since (nance I don’t know when). An institution and part of the Filipino food culture, Aristocrat was started by her Grandmother in ? who cooked the dishes herself. It’s no wonder why learning to cook from Chef Nancy is like learning to cook from your mom. Her teaching method is straight forward and not intimidating especially to those who don’t navigate well in the kitchen. She conducts her classes in a fashion that makes you feel like you’re in your own kitchen. I particularly like that she includes cooking tips that otherwise you won’t find in cookbooks like putting a wooden spoon over a pot to prevent boiling over, peeling garlic with a spoon to (I forgot), shaking salt into a pot from eye level to prevent pouring too much or too little. Her classes are really fun. Pudy Punzalan Retired Staff from United Nations

Priscilla Debler

14 Mar 2020

Chef Nancy is a popular and charming Filipino cook and author. Her adobo book is a must have. I would recommend joining her class to learn a different spin in cooking. Priscilla Debler Orchid grower in Apopka, FL

emmanuel constantino

13 Mar 2020

I have known Chef Nancy for many years. She has always been an excellent resource for ideas, how to and advices about cooking. She is very knowledgeable and constantly comes up with innovative or kitchen proven steps on cooking particularly the Filipino Pork Adobo. She is indeed the “Adobo Queen” back in the Philippines where she is a cooking celebrity Chef, with a multitude of followers, well known for this dish and her style of preparing dishes extraordinaire. I highly recommend her skill of culinary styles, recipes and innovative ways of cooking traditional Filipino dishes as well as continental cuisine. Her food preparation training abilities as a professional are backed by many years of experience. In addition, her expertise in running her family restaurants which is a famous landmark in Manila needs to be included.

Mrs Tina S. Mendoza

13 Mar 2020

I am a retired Human Resource Manager with various global companies in the insurance, automotive , geophysical industries for over 20 years in Canada and US. I've had the pleasure of experiencing the diverse culinary skills of Chef Nancy. Being known as the Adobo Queen, Nancy truly lives up to this famous title. She cooks the most delicious adobo and other Filipino dishes in her most exquisite style. Whenever I return to Manila for vacation I make sure I pay a visit to her family owned restaurant that serves the most popular delicacy...chicken barbeque with homemade achara (pickled papaya strips, etc.) and java rice, otherwise my vacation is not complete. Chef nancy's passion for cooking has already shown even as early as when we were still in school.

Chef Leilana Caine

13 Mar 2020

Hello Houston! Do you know how lucky you are to have Chef Nancy in your area? I have taken classes from her and It has been loaded with information, but also so much fun. You will learn techniques, short cuts and secret that books do not share... I think laughter helps one remember better than seriousness. Chef Nancy will also show the correct way and the chronology that makes a dish taste unforgettable... Take her class soon... you will be so glad you have!!! BTW our “adobo queen” can sing too!

Dr. Terri Kullberg

13 Mar 2020

Nancy is a well seasoned chef, coming from a family of food enthusiasts who owned the specialty chicken restaurant in the Philippines... She has a cooking show where she demonstrates a novel interpretation of Filipino cooking. Her experience in the food industry is shown not only in her superb cooking skills but in the innovative development of cuisine with high nutritional value required for optimum health. I consider Nancy a super chef with her vast expertise equivalent to current eminent chefs today. Finally, the crowning singing voice of Nancy will make her the Super Singing Chef! There is no one like her!

$ 75 Per person

all-inclusive: 3-hour class, meal and taxes.

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Chef Nancy
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More commonly known as the Adobo Queen, Chef Nancy was born and raised in the Philippines as well as in the restaurant industry. Her family has owned and operated an authentic Filipino comfort food restaurant in Manila where she began cooking at a young age. Today, Chef Nancy is a freelance multimedia cooking show host as well as the host of a variety of fun and interactive culinary experiences that champion authentic Filipino fare.

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