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More commonly known as the Adobo Queen, Chef Nancy was born and raised in the Philippines as well as in the restaurant industry. Her family has owned and operated an authentic Filipino comfort food restaurant in Manila where she began cooking at a young age. Today, Chef Nancy is a freelance multimedia cooking show host as well as the host of a variety of fun and interactive culinary experiences that champion authentic Filipino fare.

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22 May 2024
Chef Nancy is truly the Adobo Queen!!! She was very patient and excellent with her knowledge on different cuisines. Her kitchen was very clean and she is very welcoming. Would definitely try her classes again ❤️❤️❤️
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01 May 2024
We really enjoyed the class with Chef Nancy. The procedure in the kitchen was easy to follow and fun. An excellent experience and we recommend it.
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10 Mar 2023
A lot of fun! Chef Nancy was very sweet. I anticipated more demonstration rather than her just describing what we were doing, so often times I was a little confused. But we had a great group of people and had a blast!
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07 Mar 2023
Chef Nancy has a great personality and was very helpful in class. She keep the class light and fun! This was my first time attending a class like this and I would definanlty do it again! Thank you Chef Nancy!
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08 Feb 2023
Amazing experience. Blake and I had such a blast doing this.
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07 Feb 2023
Great class!
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22 Jan 2023
This was the most absolute amazing time! Chef Nancy was extremely nice and fun. She taught us very well and everything was delicious. She did a great job personalizing the experience including remembering everyone’s name and making the birthday guest of honor feel special. We will definitely be doing this again with a few more friends!
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06 Jan 2023
Chef Nancy was great and very patient with us newbies!
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06 Jan 2023
Nancy was amazing , had a great time and enjoyed the class.
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05 Jan 2023
It was a very nice time and our second experience with Chef Nancy. She’s fun and annoyingly cute like my mom, plus her husband Bob is absolutely an amazing guy a fun to chat with!! She is a wealth of knowledge and has become a friend!