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Instructor Debra

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Instructor Debra and her team of talented painters share a passion for spreading creative cheer wherever they go. They host beginner-friendly painting parties wherein guests get to learn all about shading, mixing, blending and other techniques in a laid-back, encouraging environment. With plenty of educational and artistic experience, they're the best guides for those looking for pressure-free painting sessions!

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20 May 2022
I attended the Stelnik Art Sip and Paint event in New York's Central Park on Sunday. For a non-artist like myself, it was really fun and educational. There were plenty of talented people painting the sailboat scene. There were a bunch of things I liked about it. The instructor, Deb, was really upbeat, humorous, and inspirational. I loved how the participants followed the basic premise of the scene they painted, but did their own thing in some ways in their own different styles. And everyone seemed to really get along. It was a very diverse group, and everyone encouraged one another. It was a beautiful afternoon in the sunshine, and truly a New York City moment. There were couples and singles, and Deb took the time to address the whole group at certain points, and also to give individual attention. Truly, different strokes for different folks. Pleasurable.
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24 Feb 2022
Debby is tons of fun to work with, and a very talented teacher. The two hours we spent painting zipped by, and everyone in the class was engaged and happy with their work and Debby's instruction.