Online Cooking Class: Handmaid's Tale-Inspired New England Cuisine

Cue up Netflix or break out the book and join Chef Chris in online cooking classes inspired by the New England dishes of The Handmaid's Tale. You'll start by learning how to make classic Boston molasses Anadama bread. Next up is a hearty fisherman's chowder stocked with cod, red potatoes and bacon. Dessert is a farmer's buttermilk sherbet. No churning or ice cream machine required. 


Boston Molasses Anadama Bread

No-Machine Required Farmer's Buttermilk Sherbet

New England Fisherman's Chowder 

With cod, red potatoes and bacon

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Every class is fully interactive.
Chef demonstrates each step and assists you as you perform each step.
Ask questions and have the chef check your progress.
  • Recipes Recipes are sent in your booking confirmation.
  • Ingredients Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability.
  • Technology Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Class Participation Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.
  • Class Minimum 4 devices
  • Class Maximum 20 devices
  • Event Duration 75 minutes
  • LabelsCouples, Fun, Baking, Bread Making


Active dry yeast
Salt and pepper
Heavy cream
Fresh lemons
Red potatoes
Half and half
Chicken stock

Kitchen Equipment

9x5-inch bread loaf pan
Metal baking dish
Soup pot
Cutting board
Sauce pan
Mixing bowls
Measuring cups
Zester or microplane

Classpop! guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Chris


17 Jan 2022

This was a great class! Chef Chris was very friendly, knowledgeable, and fun! My partner and I had a great time :)


16 Jan 2022

Great chef.


12 Jan 2022

Such a fun class with an experienced chef!


03 Jan 2022

Was a no show. Confirmed with Karen by phone on Wednesday December 28th for the Jan 2nd class. She said there would be a zoom invite sent out on the day of the class. Never received it despite getting all other Classpop mails including this one to provide a review. Too bad because we had people coming over for dinner that afternoon and went ahead and made the recipe anyway with moderate success. Will be looking for a refund.


02 Jan 2022

Great experience! We can’t wait to do another one!


16 Dec 2021

Chris was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. He has a very patient and fun style.


16 Dec 2021

We really enjoyed the Pizza Cooking Class with Chef Chris. He demonstrated and explained each step and answered all of our questions, so we know all the ins and outs about pizzas now. The atmosphere was great as well, so we will definitely book another class with him!


08 Dec 2021

The cooking class with Chef Chris was absolutely amazing! I couldn’t have asked for a better experience and look forward to the next. Thank you Chef Chris for an experience we won’t ever forget. I will (almost) never make boxed pasta again!


05 Dec 2021

What a fun experience. We had our daughter do all the work while we watched. Her ravioli turned out delicious.


02 Dec 2021

This was our first experience with pasta making and We had such a blast with Chef Chris ! Super fun and knowledgeable , we will definitely be doing another class.


26 Sep 2021

Chef Chris was outstanding with the heart of a teacher. Very patient, answered all my questions and allowed me to simple watch his technique. This was my first class and I will definitely do this again.


16 Sep 2021

This was a great class for sure. Pasta is hard, and mine definitely didn't turn out beautiful, but I gained some skills for making my own pasta from scratch and know what to do going forward. Thank you!


16 Sep 2021

I was honestly skeptical of doing an online cooking class, but I was very surprised by the experience. The class size was small enough that we could ask questions as needed and Chef Chris did an excellent job of giving each of us individualized direction. I had a great time and the food was delicious! I would definitely recommend a class with Chef Chris!


25 Aug 2021

Chef Chris was very knowledgeable and patient. He happily answered any and all questions and was very reassuring throughout the entire pasta making process. Unfortunately we got rained on, but we powered through it and despite the challenge of trying to avoid wet pasta it was still memorable and delicious. I would definitely take another one of his classes!


25 Aug 2021

Chef Chris was awesome, entertaining and knowledgeable on the makings of our pasta. 10/10 would go to another cooking class with him again!


24 Jun 2021

Chef Chris was an excellent teacher. My friends and I had a great time.


23 Jun 2021

Chef Chris really knows his culinary craft and techniques. He was very patient and willing to guide us to the right processes. Very entertaining way to spend an evening and learn something along the way.


08 Jun 2021

Chef Chris really does a good job explaining the process and some interesting facts as well. We enjoyed our class very much!


03 Jun 2021

Great class!


30 May 2021

Really enjoyed our ravioli class. We made a second batch immediately after the class and had for dinner. Looking forward to trying again soon.


09 May 2021

We enjoyed it! Thank you!


19 Apr 2021

This was an AWESOME intimate class! Chris is an AMAZING chef and instructor- patient and thorough with giving direction. He had a surprise guest who sang and it was Wondeful!! Thank you for an amazing evening and I look forward to our next class!!


07 Apr 2021

Chef Chris was a wonderful teacher. I learned a lot, he was very practical, explained clearly, had obvious knowledge, and kept a great pace.


04 Apr 2021

Great class I learned a lot !!


04 Apr 2021

This was our second virtual cooking class, so we are newbies with experience...LOL😅 Even our two teen daughters had fun today. We all agreed, Chef Chris set the perfect pace, as our last class felt a bit more overwhelming, and rushed. Chef Chris was professional, yet charming, making some fun comments about authentic Italian customs in cuisine. He left plenty of room for questions. The food was delicious, and we can’t wait for our next class. Thank you so much 😊


28 Mar 2021

Great class, very informative!


28 Mar 2021

I was never able to get logged into the class.


28 Mar 2021

Chris had such a pleasant demeanor, and was so methodical it helped when we ended up a little behind on chopping. For a leftie like myself, that was nice as I worked out holding my knife a little differently than most. It was a wonderful way to pass some time on a Sunday, and created a meal that not only fed a number of other people, but that was goin g to last us through the first part of the week. He closed with well-wishes for all of us which made us feel like we weren't just on a Zoom call; that we all now had something in common, and that was just pure class right there. You can tell he was an experience classroom teacher at one point who genuinely wanted and wants his students to feel successful.


28 Mar 2021

The class was awesome! I learned about making my knife skills a little better and the two dishes were fantastic. Thank you Chris for your words of wisdom and good coaching during this class. I will definitely take more!


28 Mar 2021

Amazing! I learned how to properly use the chef knife! I feel like I can be a better cook now that I have learned this new life skill. Thank you Chris you are an excellent teacher!


06 Mar 2021

Chef Chris did a great job today. He answered all questions expertly, made great suggestions for alternatives, and guided us well through all the steps. The recipes were easily followed, and the ingredients were not difficult to obtain. We just finished our dinner and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had the lasagna with a 2017 Grenache by Babcock called Love Among the Ruins. Later our Pear and Chocolate cake was paired with Demetria’s 2017 Agno, a 100% Mourvèdre...great wines from California’s Central Coast, Santa Barbara County. Yummm to the food and wine!!!! Thank you


17 Feb 2021

We had a great time! Chef Chris moved at a great pace, was very interactive, and we would definitely do this again!


14 Feb 2021

Class was great! Chris did a fantastic job. It may have been learner caused, but it last 120 minutes instead of the posted 60.


14 Feb 2021

I would take this class again! Great educator - patience and great explanations! Thank you, Chef Chris!!! I’ll be back! Henk


14 Feb 2021

Never received the Zoom link!! Waste of time. Want a refund.


06 Feb 2021

What a great Teacher! The class was fun, interesting and with people from Coast to Coast. I hope to take more classes in the future Kim Bergeron


10 Jan 2021

I liked the class. Chris was knowledgeable. Our students interacted. Nice way to spend the afternoon.


10 Jan 2021

Great experience. Chris walked everyone through step by step and answered all of our questions. Dinner turned out great!


24 Dec 2020

Recipes didn’t match what was sent and what we used but Chris was patient with everyone and made the task easy enough to follow!


25 Nov 2020

Fun class, learn some tips, would do it again


22 Nov 2020

Loved the class. Chris is great!


27 Oct 2020

Great class! Ravioli turned out wonderful. He was very friendly and helpful, a couple people fell behind and he happily backed up and repeated for them. My only complaint was it was difficult to get the recipe in advance (the links sent out in the email didn't work), when I finally got them the night before, I didn't have the right quantities, so rushed back to the store to get extra. Turns out we didn't use the full quantity in the recipe (ricotta and spinach). So, making sure people have the recipe when they register, and adjusting the recipe quantities to what are actually used would be helpful! But I would take another class of his for sure.


27 Oct 2020

It was nice! Just ask him to slow down and he’ll be more than happy to give you as much time as you need to catch up or ask questions, you just have to let him know. Didn’t really need exactly all the ingredients on the list but still worth trying it out.


26 Oct 2020

We had a great time! Loved the class!!


25 Oct 2020

Great instruction. Made me look like a chef....ME!! End result of the raviolis we made were fantastic!! Highly recommended


25 Oct 2020

Chef Chris was a great instructor! We had a great time and our raviolis were amazing!


19 Oct 2020

This was so fun! My son and I had a blast! Chef Chris was fantastic, I highly recommend this class and Chef Chris.


19 Oct 2020

He’s amazing 😉 great class - We enjoyed so much!! Thank You Chef Chris 🙏🏼


20 Sep 2020

He never showed up for the class. Am I getting a refund? When?? He doesn’t get any stars. What weren’t we sent a cancellation notice?


18 Sep 2020

I did give this no stars if I could. Chef Chris never showed up for the class. Waste of time and money.


16 Sep 2020

I purchased this class as an anniversary gift for my parents. They enjoyed the class. I was disappointed to hear that they purchased all the ingredients on the list, only to have the chef skip one of the recipes. They are left with unused ingredients they are unfamiliar with.


13 Sep 2020

Great class. Chris went at a good pace and answered all questions as they came up. Definitely glad I took it


13 Sep 2020

It was my first time making pasta from scratch and participating in a virtual cooking class. It was for my bday weekend. I had fun! Chef Chris was pleasant and helpful.


13 Aug 2020

Was fun and learned how to make fettuccini snd a couple of great sauces!


12 Aug 2020

Such a fun and delicious time!


28 Jul 2020

Chef Chris was an excellent teacher! My internet dropped for about 5 minutes and he quickly recapped what I had missed, quickly bringing me up to speed. I look forward to doing more classes with Chris!


27 Jul 2020

It was a great class! My only complaint is that we had to stay on mute due to echoes. Several of my coworkers signed up as a way to spend an evening together, but we couldn’t talk.


26 Jun 2020

Great class! Chef Chris was great. He gave us a little background history on where some of the food we discussed came from.


22 Jun 2020

Great instruction, clear and precise, delicious Ravioli, made again two days later!


21 Jun 2020

Chef Chris was great. Made it very easy to learn.


19 Jun 2020

The class was well-organized and Chef Chris was easy to follow. He answered questions and gave tips along the way as well as at the end. The food turned out delicious. My family loved it!


19 Jun 2020

Good class but I was confused about the amount of filling to dough.


13 Jun 2020

The class was cute and a fun idea, but the instructor Chris was disappointing. He didn’t instruct us to leave our eggs out at room temperature before the class began, which led to his pasta dough being much different from ours and several of the other participants which was a huge factor throughout. He also flew through many of the steps very quickly, used some ingredients that weren’t on the list, didn’t use some ingredients that were on the list, and didn’t ever actually cook/finish the dish with us (the class ended before that).


10 Jun 2020

Chris did a great job,explained things clearly , allowed time for questions and was easy to follow. My only criticism was that I thought the class was an hour and it was two hours


09 Jun 2020

Excellent class! Great food


07 Jun 2020

Chris was very knowledgeable, and it was easy to follow along! I bought this class for my mom for Mother's Day, and we did the virtual class together. It was a great way to spend time together!


07 Jun 2020

It was a great class; I learned a great deal about making pasta! It’s a lot of work. Chris was great taking all questions gracefully. I felt hesitant to ask questions taking so many other people’s time but was glad to hear others questions that I wondered too. Thank you it was a delightful class.


06 Jun 2020

Highly recommended class. The class is engaging. Chris managed to respond to all the questions and to pay attention to the needs of each participant. The ravioli are delicious. Thanks Chris.


21 May 2020

Great job!


19 May 2020

This class was awesome, thanks for answering questions and teaching us something new!


18 May 2020

My boyfriend and I loved taking the class! It felt like we were on a date and appreciated learning some new knife skills. Thank you for offering this virtually- it was a lot of fun and we look forward to taking a second class!


17 May 2020

The class was great, maybe a little more time to cut if you’re cutting the whole portion for recipe. Learned good knife skills and enjoyed the recipe.


16 May 2020

I did not like the class. It was my first time making raviolis and I did not have the proper trained to make it . I was frustrate and loss all my ingredients


10 May 2020

Great class!


10 May 2020

Thank you so much it was a wonderful class! They turned out so good!


20 Feb 2020

Had a great time!

Anna Kay

04 Feb 2020

Chef Chris did a great job leading a group of mixed experience to a successful and delicious result! Thank you!


14 Jan 2020

Chef Chris is very personable and knowledgeable and did a great job managing our 15 person team. He walked us through the process, gave us tips on both cooking there and cooking at home and shared his experiences and knowledge. The pasta and sauces were very good and the team really enjoyed interacting and having fun. Venue at a brewery was also good with Chris providing "beer breaks". Reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is because we scheduled for 6:30-8:30pm but didn't start until after 7pm and didn't eat until after 9pm.

Guest reviews for Chef Chris

Holly R.

15 Aug 2020

My mother and aunt absolutely looooved this class ? Said it was well organized, fun and informative !!!!! Their ravioli dishes came out so beautifully!!! Thank you very much !!!


17 Oct 2019

Chris was a revelation. We went into this experience not knowing what to expect and were so happily surprised. Had no idea a cooking class could be so much fun! He was part of the experience, he was incredibly knowledgeable, and great company. Along with this the food was incredible. Suggest a million times. Will go again and bringing friends.


17 Oct 2019

Chef Chris was both friendly and knowledgeable. He made learning the techniques a fun experience that will stay with us. Thanks for a great time!


17 Oct 2019

Chef Chris was awesome. This was a surprise date for my wife. The food was great, the experience was hands on and Chef Chris was very engaging. Will definitely do this again.


17 Oct 2019

Chef Chris is professional, knowledgeable, and so friendly! You can tell he is passionate about what he does and it shows in his skills, how he teaches, and the food! We had the best date night in taking his cooking class - I would recommend him to anyone!


17 Oct 2019

Great class. Chris is very engaging. Fun way to meet some new people. Food was excellent!


17 Oct 2019

My husband I had a wonderful time. So much so that when it was over I was surprised the time had passed. The food was fun to make. Miracles really do happen. This was a Christmas gift from my husband and he got a lot of points :) What a great gift. I look forward to doing it again.


17 Oct 2019

This was a great experience! Would not hesitate to book again. Delicious food and Chris was so helpful and personable. I've taken a few cooking classes in the past but this is the first one that has inspired me to go out and buy new kitchen equipment in order to replicate the delicious food we had.


17 Oct 2019

Chris made learning so easy and fun!


17 Oct 2019

This was a great experience for me and my co-workers. I don't really like tomatoes, pasta, or coffee, YET I ate everything single thing we made because it was absolutely delicious. I never knew how good homemade bruschetta, spaghetti, and tiramisu could taste. Chris broke the recipes down so well that I feel confident I could go home and do all of it myself. I learned so much from him and can't wait for our next class with Chris.


17 Oct 2019

Cooking with Chris was a great experience... From the cooking, the conversation, the atmosphere and overall experience... Everything was phenomenal. He gave us a great experience and an amazing memory. He definitely knows what he is talking about and we plan to cook with him again.


17 Oct 2019

Chef Chris was VERY knowledgeable about his craft and educating us on the food, preparation and even the rich history of the food’s origin! He was very courteous and patient with those who do not cook. He guided us through several hands-on tasks, ensuring that we enjoyed the event. He even took care to ensure our dietary needs were met. The BEST part was that the outcome was a delicious meal our team enjoyed eating :-) We had an amazing time and would definitely recommend.


17 Oct 2019

We really enjoyed our experience with Chef Chris. It was an intimate setting so everyone could learn from it. Chris was extremely knowledgeable and answered all our questions thoroughly. I also like the style of teaching where we're not taught to just follow a recipe, but instead taught to cook by scent and taste. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and plan to return again. Thanks!

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Chef Chris was working as an Italian teacher at UC Berkeley when he discovered his passion for cooking. Ever since then, he has been following his passion of cooking and teaching with a focus on regional Italian cuisine. He even co-founded a culinary event business to highlight his skills. Chef Chris teaches an array of different highly regarded cooking classes, many of which are created for corporate teambuilding. He also currently provides walking food tours of Little Italy.

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