33 Easy Valentine's Day Cookie Ideas for 2024

Published on Jan 25th 2024
Valentine's Day cookies

Are you planning a party and searching for recipes for Valentine’s Day cookies? Maybe you’re tired of the same old/same old recipes and just want to try something new on the baking front. From fluffy coconut and decadent dollops of chocolate to fresh preserves, heart shapes and pastel sprinkles, we’ve collected a list of cookie recipes you can share with friends, family, co-workers and the neighborhood book club.

With these fun, unique and easy Valentine’s cookies on the table, you won’t even need Cupid’s arrow to win your sweetie’s heart. Invite the kids to join the baking and decorating process for family fun in the kitchen.

Share these Valentine cookies recipes with pictures of all your completed creations. Be sure to stick a photo in the recipe box to recreate next year.

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Most Fun Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

1. Bake Valentine’s Cookies with Top Chefs

For a really fun and informative experience, boost your baking skills by joining gourmet chefs and pastry artists. Whether it’s cooking classes in Atlanta, cooking classes in NYC or cooking classes in Chicago, you’ll learn how to mix dough, form shapes, use royal icing and buttercream and master piping, outlining and filling techniques.

You can even take online baking classes if you enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen. Online classes are another way to get inspired with Valentine's painting ideas.

group of women baking valentine's day cookies in a cooking class
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2. Kiss Cookies

Looking for cookies and Valentine's Day gift ideas that are fun to make with the kids? You can’t beat Kiss cookies, also called peanut butter blossoms, when searching for simple Valentine’s Day cookie ideas.

Simply bake your favorite peanut butter cookie and place a Hershey’s Kiss on top. This could be the answer to "What is the most loved cookie?"

3. Palmiers

While simple to make, French palmiers give the look of spending hours in the kitchen. All that’s needed are puff pastry sheets and a sprinkle of sugar. Pastry rectangles are rolled inward from either side, frozen and then sliced into 3/8-inch pieces to create the fun “palm leaf” pattern.

4. Whoopie Pie Cookies

Originating from New England or Pennsylvania Dutch heritage, whoopie pie cookies are a sure way to become the hit of the office party or school function.

Go traditional with chocolate cookies filled with creamy vanilla filling, or put a heart day spin on dessert time with red velvet cookies and chocolate filling.

5. Linzer Heart Cookies

Linzer heart cookies will quickly become your favorite heart-shaped cookie recipe. These authentic Austrian shortbread cookies have a base topped with a cut-out piece of dough.

Fill in with the traditional black currant jam or choose a favorite. Either way, they’ll become a hit at the office or family get-together.

linzer heart cookies
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6. Chocolate Marshmallow Sandwich Cookies

Try some chocolate marshmallow sandwich cookies or a more brownie-like addition to the holiday cookie table. The shape is like a Linzer cookie, but marshmallow cream is used instead of jam and jelly. Use a cookie cutter to make heart shapes in the top half of this “sandwich.”

If you’re wondering "How do you cut heart-shaped cookies without a cookie cutter," here are some tips. Flatten out a piece of dough. Using a sharp knife, form a point for the bottom and work around to the top. It may not come out completely perfect, but it will still taste terrific.

7. M&M Cookie Bars

Gather the kids for the fun of baking with M&Ms. These cookie bars are decorated with pink, white and red M&Ms. You could also use any color combination you prefer. Bars are a wonderful way to add texture, shape and color to a Valentine’s Day dessert platter.

8. Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

A soft and fudgy center makes these chocolate crinkle cookies a delight to bite into. Baking powder and soda allow the top to crinkle so cutely. A dusting of powdered sugar adds an extra sweet touch.

9. Peppermint Meringues

Put a snappy touch of peppermint into your baking sessions with these peppermint meringues. Fluffy and light as air, they feature swirls of Valentine’s Day-inspired red and white mixed with shades of pink. They’re a terrific addition to a box of sweets presented to a neighbor or co-worker.

peppermint meringues valentine's day cookies
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10. Raspberry Coconut Balls

Raspberry is most certainly one of the top Valentine’s Day flavors, behind chocolate and strawberry, of course. These raspberry coconut balls are an adorably fluffy concoction to serve at any holiday party. Pink sanding sugar gives a blush-tinged touch to coconut flakes.

11. Glazed Strawberry Cookies

Blush pink and a drizzle of creamy glaze make a lovely Valentine’s Day cookie. Strawberry gelatin gives a perfect pink color to these light treats that feature a strawberry jelly filling.

12. Chocolate-Dipped Cranberry Cookies

Combine cranberries and semi-sweet chocolate chips for a tasty Valentine’s Day-inspired cookie creation. After the cookies have cooled, dip an end in melted chocolate. You can add chopped walnuts or almonds for a crunchy touch.

13. Thumbprint Cookies

For a fun family baking day, break out your favorite jams and jellies and whip up these tasty thumbprint cookies. The kids will have a blast pressing a thumbprint-sized hole in the dough and filling it with gooey jam.

thumbprint valentine's day cookies
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Simplest Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

14. Sugar Cookies

For a sweet and easy Valentine’s Day cookie idea, sugar cookies fit the bill every time. Decorate with heart-shaped sprinkles, mini chips or a touch of buttercream frosting to create a simple Valentine’s Day cookie idea everyone will love.

15. Buckeye Cookies

Peanut butter filling covered in chocolate. You can’t get much easier than that. Buckeye cookies are the answer when you’re looking for easy Valentine’s Day cookie ideas. Sea salt makes a great complement to the sweet chocolate and creamy peanut butter.

16. Butter Cookies

Butter cookies are a quick and effortless way to surprise loved ones with Valentine’s Day treats. Using a few simple ingredients like flour, butter, sugar and egg yolks, you’ll create a light and buttery cookie for everyone to enjoy.

17. Peanut Butter Cookies

If you’ve ever wondered what is the most loved cookie, these peanut butter cookies come pretty close. After mixing and rolling, press fork tines into the soft dough to make these classic Valentine’s Day cookies.

homemade peanut butter cookies
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18. Chocolate Chip Cookies

School parties, romantic dinners and church gatherings are all worthy of everyone’s favorite, the chocolate chip cookie. Use dark, white or milk chocolate chips to create a delicious platter.

19. Mexican Wedding Cookies

Also known as “snowball cookies,” these powdered sugar-covered treats make excellent Valentine’s Day cookies. Mexican wedding cookies are similar to shortbread cookies but feature a nutty texture due to the addition of pecans, almonds or walnuts. They make a cute addition to a Valentine’s Day gift box.

20. Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread cookies are the perfect reason to break out those Valentine’s Day cookie cutters. Form into shapes that you can pipe with royal icing or buttercream to create a sweet topping.

21. Oatmeal Cookies

Another holiday favorite, oatmeal cookies make great Valentine’s Day treats. These oatmeal cookies are soft and chewy for parties and cookie exchanges. Add chocolate chips or raisins to up the wow factor.

oatmeal cookies with cranberries
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22. Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

Take the traditional chip-filled cookie up a notch with this dark chocolate chip cookie recipe, which just might be the answer to “What is the dessert trend for Valentine’s Day this year?” Lavender buds, Himalayan salt and oat milk lend a unique touch to these vegan cookies.

Unique Valentine’s Day Cookie Ideas

23. Mexican Chocolate Walnut Biscotti

Mexican chocolate gives a spicy punch to traditionally sweet desserts. This Mexican chocolate walnut biscotti recipe combines walnuts, chocolate chips and Maraschino cherries with the spicy touch of cinnamon and cayenne pepper to create a crunchy treat. Add to a box of soft and chewy Valentine’s Day cookies for a distinctive touch.

24. Red Velvet Skillet Cookie

Are you looking for a dessert made for two? This red velvet skillet cookie can be served right in the cast iron pan for a romantic treat. Sprinkle with white chocolate chips, drizzle caramel and add a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream.

25. French Macarons

Nothing says love better than pastel shades of perfectly formed French macarons. Gel food coloring makes it easy to prepare a variety of shades. Fill with merengue, buttercream or a frosting of your choice.

French macarons valentine's day cookies
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26. Brandy Snaps

Try these unique brandy snaps for a unique Valentine’s Day cookie recipe. It’s a tasty take on the traditional Italian cannoli. Crispy rolled pastry dough features a filling made of heavy cream, sugar and a bit of brandy. You could also fill it with buttercream or another favorite filling. Either way, they deliver texture and shape to a plate of Valentine’s Day desserts.

27. Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich

Combine two desserts in one with this delicious cookie ice cream sandwich recipe. Layer a dollop of ice cream between large chocolate chip cookies. Whether served warm or chilled from the freezer, these Valentine’s Day cookies will be requested year-round.

28. Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Take breakfast sweets to the dessert table with these cinnamon roll Valentine’s Day cookies. Combine cream cheese, blend in butter and add a dash of vanilla extract — along with a filling of brown sugar and cinnamon — to create a pinwheel-type pastry. Drizzle a sweet mix of powdered sugar, maple extract and butter on top. Enjoy with any meal.

29. Lemon-Lavender Shortbread Cookies

Valentine’s Day cookies don’t have to be all about chocolate. A refreshing lemon-lavender shortbread cookie is an easy Valentine’s Day cookie idea for the non-chocoholics in your crew. A dusting of powdered sugar puts the finishing touch on these easy Valentine cookies.

lavender-lemon shortbread cookies
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30. Cranberry Lime Macaroons

These cranberry lime macaroons are an excellent idea for folks who may not be fans of the usual chocolate and super sweet ingredients of Valentine’s Day cookies.

Cranberries and lime zest, combined with fluffy coconut flakes, make them a must-try at the holiday dessert table.

31. Neapolitan Cookies

Take your favorite ice cream to the cookie aisle. Shades of chocolate, strawberry and creamy vanilla make a romantic plate of Valentine’s Day cookies.

Neapolitan cookies are rich and creamy, perfect for any party, cookie exchange or bake sale. This is another heart-shaped cookies recipe that you could use with Valentine’s Day cookie cutters.

32. Sugar Cookie Bars

Sugar cookie bars take the crisp taste of sugar cookies and blend them into a chewy bar. Spread a layer of pink or white icing and top with pastel sprinkles or mini chocolate chips for a festive touch.

33. Cherry Cookie Bars

Cherry adds a bright color and tart taste to the Valentine’s Day cookie tray. A bit of orange and lemon zest brings a refreshing citrus zing to these delicious bars. Add a small dollop of whipped cream for an extra touch of sweetness.

cherry valentine's day cookies
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From school parties and holiday gatherings to Galentine's Day ideas, book clubs and neighborhood events, these simple Valentine’s Day cookie ideas are sure to be a hit.

Bake a large batch of your favorite variety, or pick several heart-shaped cookies recipes for a colorful plate of sweet treats. Remember to share memories of these Valentine cookies recipes with pictures.

For even more fun Valentine’s Day ideas, check out other experiences happening on Classpop!