21 Best Los Angeles Art Galleries to Explore in 2024

Last Updated on Jan 10th 2024
Los Angeles art galleries

When it comes to Los Angeles art galleries, there is no shortage of options for locals and tourists alike. It’s difficult to even answer the question “How many art galleries are in LA?” because there are so many up-and-coming galleries appearing in the city!

If you’re wondering “What is the most prestigious art gallery in Los Angeles?”, "Where are the most famous art galleries?” or even “Where do artists hang out in Los Angeles?”, we’ve got you covered.

This guide will introduce you to 21 of the best Los Angeles art galleries and give you some great ideas for your next vacation or art-purchasing excursion.

According to Art Business, purchasing art from a gallery is one of the best ways to make sure your investment is safe and genuine. We hope that this Los Angeles art galleries list gives you a starting point as you look to find new and inspiring works by established and beginning artists.

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Best Los Angeles Art Galleries for Emerging Artists

1. Local Art Classes & Events

If you are an aspiring artist in Los Angeles, or even exploring art as a hobby, branch out and try your hand at different art experiences, like art classes in Los Angeles, painting classes in Los Angeles or pottery classes in Los Angeles

REN Gallery is a Los Angeles art gallery that focuses on community and building local bonds. Their themes of urban development are incredibly timely and close to home. 

art classes in Los Angeles
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2. Little Big Man Gallery

Exploring different galleries can be a great activity if you’re still not sure how to find your art style. Little Big Man Gallery is a Loss Angeles Art Gallery that’s dedicated to photography, and while you can certainly find established artists featured here, you can also find new and emerging talent in the world of photography.

3. Art Share LA

With no shortage of galleries, Los Angeles is definitely one of the best cities for artists. Art Share LA is just one gallery that caters to up-and-coming artists. With a community focus and plenty of space for exhibits and events, this Los Angeles Art Gallery should definitely make your list of sites to check out.

4. Artspace

Artspace is a fun and eclectic collection of new and established artists. Wondering where to buy art in Los Angeles? Looking for unique items to add to your collection that are actually affordable? Artspace is a great place to start.

5. TAG Gallery

Another gallery dedicated to local artists, TAG Gallery is a great space to check out new contemporary artwork by local LA artists. You can purchase artwork for yourself or find pieces that make great gifts for artists.

TAG Los Angeles art gallery
via TAG Gallery

6. Bruce Lurie Gallery

If you are looking to support new and emerging artists, the Bruce Lurie Gallery has a long history of promoting and supporting artists whose careers are just beginning. Visit for art ideas from pop art to abstract work.

7. Hive Gallery and Studios

This up-and-coming gallery offers a cool place to hang out, discover new artists and maybe even take home an affordable piece or two for your collection.

With an eclectic atmosphere and a wide variety of artists and styles, there’s something for everyone at this combined gallery and studio space.

Largest Los Angeles Art Galleries

8. Hauser & Worth

The LA Location of this prominent line of galleries tops the list of the largest downtown Los Angeles art galleries.

With rotating exhibits featuring different types of art, as well as space for performance art and other events, a visit to Hauser & Worth LA is a great option for tourists visiting the city or locals checking out their seasonal exhibits. 

9. Honor Fraser

Honor Fraser is an established contemporary gallery that focuses on both traditional art styles and new or emerging media. You’ll be sure to find interesting exhibitions and events in this space. 

colorful facade of Honor Fraser gallery
via Honor Fraser

10. Blum & Poe

Blum & Poe is one of the best art galleries in Los Angeles, boasting a 5,000-square-foot space and hosting over fifty different artists representing different styles and media. They are best known for their focus on abstract art.

11. David Kordansky Gallery

No Los Angeles art galleries list would be complete without the David Kordansky Gallery, a giant 12,000 square-foot space that offers plenty of room for large-scale installations, events and chances to learn more and interact with the artists whose work is on display.

12. Kohn Gallery

The Kohn Gallery is a Los Angeles Art Gallery with a long history. They displayed Andy Warhol’s Campbell Soup before his death, and today they continue their long history of art appreciation by hosting exhibits by established and emerging contemporary artists. 

Small Los Angeles Art Galleries

13. co-LAB Gallery

Designed with community in mind, co-LAB gallery is built to foster friendships and camaraderie between growing artists and the community. Stop by for an event or exhibit and see what new things their featured artists are cooking up!

co-Lab Los Angeles art gallery
via co-LAB Gallery

14. Cactus Gallery

A great small art gallery in Los Angeles, Cactus Gallery specializes in a mix of contemporary and folk art. You’ll be able to find emerging artists and a wide array of female artists on display at this unique gallery.

15. Mouche Gallery

If folk art isn’t really your thing, try the Mouche Gallery for a more glamorous experience. The artwork in this small Los Angeles Art Gallery will inspire you with its class, culture and beauty.

16. Maxwell Alexander Gallery

If you are looking for unique small art galleries in Los Angeles, the Maxwell Alexander Gallery is a great addition to the list. This smaller gallery features modern and contemporary Southwest-inspired art, featuring beautiful landscapes and more.

Take a break from the urban environment of the city to be inspired by the colors and lines of the great outdoors.

Most Unique Los Angeles Art Galleries

17. Musichead 

One of the most unique downtown Los Angeles art galleries is Musichead, a photography gallery dedicated to the history of music.

Be sure to check out this Sunset Boulevard gallery to see extraordinary behind-the-scenes or little-known photographs of your favorite musicians and bands.

old fashioned art gallery with large table
via Musichead

18. Hyaena Gallery

If you are looking for dark or spooky art, don’t miss the Hyaena Gallery, one of the darkest and most unique galleries in Los Angeles. You’ll be sure to find plenty of macabre art to take home if that’s where your artistic interests lie.

19. Revolver Gallery 

If you are a fan of Andy Warhol or the Pop Art movement, don’t miss the Revolver Gallery, an art gallery in Santa Monica. This gallery features a huge collection of Warhol’s works, including many that are available for purchase if you’re looking for where to buy art in Los Angeles.

Keep in mind that Warhol’s paintings are priced in the tens of thousands of dollars due to his immense popularity and success.

20. Hero Complex Gallery

It can sometimes be tough to know how to meet people in a new city, but stopping by and checking out unique contemporary art galleries can be a great way to do so.

Hero Complex Gallery features inventive art that is based on pop culture. You’ll be sure to find great art inspired by things like animation, horror and film.

21. Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery

If you are looking for fun date ideas in Los Angeles or great art galleries in Santa Monica, be sure to stop by the Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery.  You’ll be able to view an extensive collection of stained glass, blown glass and glass sculptures. 

Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery
via Adamm’s Stained Glass & Art Glass Gallery

We hope this list of unique Los Angeles art galleries inspires you to learn more about the art scene and explore all the creative opportunities this city has to offer.

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