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21 Top Birthday Dinner in Los Angeles Experiences in 2024

Published on Jan 30th 2024
birthday dinner in Los Angeles

Looking for an exciting and unique birthday dinner in Los Angeles? With so many options to choose from in the foodie haven of Los Angeles, it can get overwhelming trying to plan the perfect birthday dinner. How do you even make a fun birthday dinner that is sure to make all your guests happy?

Don’t let birthday planning stress ruin your big day. Explore the list of birthday dinners in Los Angeles below to jumpstart your birthday dinner restaurant selection.

Discover some of the best birthday dinners in Los Angeles and have the birthday celebration of a lifetime.

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Unique Birthday Dinner in Los Angeles Ideas

1. Cooking Class 

Looking for an outside-the-box birthday dinner experience in Los Angeles? Take a cooking class and learn new skills while creating a delicious meal.

Explore themed cooking classes in Los Angeles and choose from many creative options. From Sushi to Spanish cuisine, there is a class for everyone and there are also virtual options available.

Learn from a five-star professional chef in an exciting educational environment. Have a birthday blast with this birthday dinner in Los Angeles.

cooking classes for a birthday dinner in Los Angeles
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2. Level 8

Level 8 is an over-the-top immersive birthday experience. With 8 separate dining concepts, this birthday dinner in Los Angeles is a foodie's dream.

Start your night by having a gourmet seated dinner at Maison Kasai for elevated teppanyaki fare or indulge in South American cuisine at Que Barbaro.

Then finish the night by sipping on a cocktail and watching a burlesque show in the piano speakeasy Mr Wanderlust or head to the rooftop pool and bar at Golden Hour.

If you’re looking for a rooftop birthday dinner in Los Angeles this is the place for you. With plenty of exciting options, this is one of the best birthday dinner spots in all of Los Angeles. 

3. Barton G

Welcome to the land of the outrageous. Barton G is an immersive sensory experience from start to finish. This award-winning concept pushes culinary limits to the brink to bring guests an unforgettable birthday dinner experience in Los Angeles.

With innovative high-end entrees such as steak and lobster and unique decadent desserts such as gold leaf smores and a 4-foot-tall ice cream cone this restaurant is not one you want to miss 

4. Hansei

When dining at Hansei your dinner experience begins long before you take a seat at your table. When you first arrive you will take a guided tour through the Japanese spiritual garden and water features. After the tour you will be seated and dinner will begin.

This mindful atmosphere makes Hansei an ideal spot for a mature crowd and is a great 40th birthday dinner in Los Angeles.

Hansei is located in the Japanese Cultural Center and is an omakase-style concept, meaning dinner consists of many small courses and tasting plates. This birthday dinner in Los Angeles is zen and delicious. 

5. Restaurant 917

Located on the second level of the Porsche Experience Los Angeles, this unique birthday dinner in Los Angeles is perfect for car fanatics.

Watch an impressive array of luxury automobiles while enjoying an upscale menu. Restaurant 917 offers both lunch and brunch and is a hotspot for Los Angeles locals. 

interior of Restaurant 917 in L.A.
via Restaurant 917

6. Merois at the Pendry

Merois at the Pendry is your destination for a spectacular rooftop dinner in Los Angeles. This stylish restaurant has a stunning interior and a dazzling view of the West Hollywood skyline. Dine surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and enjoy the view and the spectacular service.

The menu is Asian-inspired featuring sushi, caviar and outstanding fresh seafood. Dine among the stars in West Hollywood at Merois at the Pendry. 

Best Restaurants for Birthday Dinner in Los Angeles

7. n/naka 

Looking for 40th birthday party ideas in L.A.? This two Michelin-starred restaurant n/naka is one of the hottest spots in Los Angeles. Splurge on your big milestone birthday and reserve your table very early in advance as this restaurant is notoriously hard to snag a table at.

This kasekie-style restaurant is based on the traditional Japanese practice of serving small intricate dishes for multiple courses. This birthday idea in Los Angeles is an immersive flavor experience fit for a true celebration. 

8. République

 Bakery and upscale dining all in one, République is the perfect birthday date idea in Los Angeles. Located in a historic building with breathtaking architecture République has an experience for everyone.

Enjoy a laid-back brunch snacking on intricate French patisserie treats or book an upscale dinner and have a French gastronomic experience of a lifetime. 

9. Bavel 

Do you find yourself stuck on the question of what sounds good for a birthday dinner? Then Bavel is the place for you. An award-winning Middle Eastern food restaurant with a decadent menu of Middle Eastern classics such as lamb shawarma, house-made hummus and strawberry sumac and sweet cheese pastry.

Enjoy an extensive cocktail and wine list and a warm, rustic and inviting interior. This birthday idea in Los Angeles is one you won’t forget.  

Bavel birthday dinner in Los Angeles
via Bavel

10. Damian

Explore contemporary Mexican food with a local Californian flare at Damian. Located in the eccentric arts district this birthday idea in Los Angeles is great for a special occasion or a casual date idea in Los Angeles.

In the evenings Damian has a starstudded upscale menu full of elevated Mexican dishes such as swordfish poc chuc, pollito al pastor and sweet tamal. If you prefer a more laid back birthday brunch Damian offers a stellar brunch selection as well. 

11. Funke 

With its commitment to fresh handmade pasta and classic Italian food, Funke is one of the best birthday dinners in Los Angeles. Funke features sleek and modern art deco decor and a jaw-dropping 20 feet tall glass paneled pasta lab where you can watch the fresh pasta being made in real time.

Dining at Funke is a true experience and the perfect place for an unforgettable birthday dinner in Los Angeles. 

12. Petit Trois 

Looking for an intimate Parisian birthday affair? Petit Trois is modeled after a traditional Parisian bistro with only 21 seats in the establishment.

Marvel at the open kitchen and enjoy a rich menu of classic French fare such as burgundy escargot or omelet petite trois. Enjoy a dazzling birthday dinner in Los Angeles at Petit Trois. 

Inexpensive Birthday Dinner in Los Angeles Ideas

13. Tail O The Pup

Fancy a low-key birthday hot dog? Then look no further Tail O The Pup is a vintage hotdog stand shaped like a giant hotdog. The vintage menu features tasty throwback items such as hotdogs, corndogs, hamburgers and soft serve cones.

This inexpensive birthday dinner in Los Angeles is ideal for grabbing a quick bite before heading out for the night. This handheld food is also great for a picnic food idea and can be packed up and taken to a scenic picnic spot. 

Tail O the pup hot dog stand in Los Angeles
via Tail O the Pup

14. Wat Thai Food Court

Looking for the best Thai food in Los Angeles? Wat Thai is a food court located outside of a Thai temple and is made up of multiple food stalls selling traditional Thai street food.

Choose from many different options such as mango sticky rice, grass jelly drink, papaya salad, soup noodles and so much more. This is a savory outdoor affair and the perfect birthday dinner in Los Angeles 

15. Busy B Market 

This inexpensive birthday dinner in Los Angeles is famous for its large portions and reasonable prices. This jumbo sub shop offers hefty subs layered with lots of artisan deli meat, craft cheeses and special sauces.

The Busy Bee Belly Buster is their claim to fame costing only $11.50. Try Busy Bee for a satisfying sandwich for your birthday treat this year.  

16. India Sweet and Spices 

Explore the delicious flavors of India at India Sweet and Spices. This cafeteria-style restaurant located inside an Indian grocery store offers great bang for your buck. Enjoy large portions of savory Indian food such as crispy fried samosas and large curry and rice combos.

Indulge in the Indian sweet treats platter for an artfully arranged sampling tray of the most popular desserts. This birthday idea in Los Angeles is sure to hit the spot. 

17. Two Guys Plaza 

Dive into El Salvadorean street food at Two Guys Plaza. This open-air market is chock full of local culture and authentic foods. Stroll through the numerous stalls and select from various fresh fruits and vegetables as well as freshly caught seafood.

Try El Salvadorean delicacies such as quesadillas, a sweet cheese pound cake or savory rice flour pupusas. This Los Angeles birthday dinner idea is affordable and delicious and supports locally owned businesses.

two guys plaza inexpensive birthday dinner in los angeles
via Two Guys Plaza
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Best Birthday Dinner in Santa Monica Ideas

18. Birdie G’s

Looking for the best birthday restaurant in Santa Monica? Experience a classic American good time at Birdie G’s. This local hotspot specializes in classic American fare and the menu features elevated dishes such as Deanies cornbread, prime steak frites and unique rose petal pie. Experience upscale dining with a downhome flair at Birdie G’s.  

19. Cassia 

Cassia celebrates the fresh and vibrant flavors of Southeastern Asia. The modern interior and lush outdoor dining space make this a great birthday dinner idea in Los Angeles.

The menu is equal parts traditional Pan-Asian cuisine and modern culinary creativity. Try the popular Vietnamese sunbathing prawns or the spicy wontons for a birthday meal fit for a king. 

20. Xuntos 

Looking to celebrate your 40th birthday dinner in Los Angeles at an upscale tapas bar? Check out Xuntos and experience top-notch Spanish food and historic Californian architecture.

Enjoy a large cocktail and wine selection and indulge in posh Spanish tapas such as tortilla española and mousse de chocolate. 

21. Crudo e Nudo 

If you are a fan of delicious, fresh seafood that is sustainably harvested then Crudo e Nudo is the birthday idea in Los Angeles for you.

Indulge in fresh seafood you can feel good about with their top-of-the-line menu offering marine delicacies such as tuna tartar, kanoachi and briny oysters on the half shell shucked fresh to order. Crudo e Nudo is committed to sustainability and is one of the best birthday restaurants in Santa Monica.

crudo e nudo restaurant in L.A.
via Crudo e Nudo

Hopefully, this list has given you plenty of ideas and when your big day rolls around you won't be caught wondering what should I eat for my birthday dinner.

From Michelin-starred fine dining to inexpensive and tasty local food markets, there is a birthday dinner in Los Angeles for every occasion. Go big for your birthday celebration this year because you deserve it.

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