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Chef Alessio

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With a portfolio spanning bespoke menus for renowned politicians and designers, coupled with extensive tenure in Michelin-starred kitchens worldwide, Chef Alessio infuses each meal and teaching session with boundless enthusiasm and captivating anecdotes. His commitment to his craft is rivaled only by his professionalism, whether orchestrating an intimate culinary encounter or delivering group class presentations. Fluent in two languages, this culinary virtuoso promises a learning experience you'll cherish.

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03 Feb 2024
The entire experience with Chef Alessio was amazing and the food was perfection! Me and my guests thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make eggless orecchiette, that tasted delicious, and fresh raviolis topped with sliced truffles and truffle oil, yum! Each dish was carefully selected and crafted with passion. Chef Alessio was also very humble and professional, and we shared great conversation. All in all a wonderful experience that I would do again or recommend to anyone that likes Italian food.

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Silvia G.
03 Aug 2023
Chef Alessio's pasta class was a real treat. I learned how to make the perfect ravioli, while listening to interesting food anecdotes all relating to pasta and its origins. It was great to find out how versatile pasta really is. Different ingredients, shapes, fillings and of course sauces to go with it. Salty, sweet, boiled, roasted, fried.....the possibilities are endless. What a fun experience it was and Chef Alessio's upbringing in Italy made it that much more special and authentic.