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Join Chef Zach as he shares his enthusiasm and love of cooking with you and your group. He is always working to create new culinary experiences for his guests. Chef Zach's dynamic instructional skills are combined with an ability to shape and create classes that give his students confidence to take home to their own kitchens. 

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24 Mar 2024
Great experience! Very informative and fun and a fun activity to do with others and get to meet new people!
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11 Mar 2024
The class was so much fun! We had a great time learning new recipes and cooking tips and the meal that we prepared was delicious! Thanks Chef Zach, we'd love to come back for another class!
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10 Feb 2024
Chef Zach was a great host and teacher. We had a great time. Would definitely do it again.
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23 Jan 2024
We had a great experience! Chef Zach is very knowledgeable and entertaining. The food was delicious.
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07 Jan 2024
So much fun and so educational. Chef Zach is amazing!!
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21 Dec 2023
Wonderful class and delicious food!
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14 Dec 2023
Chef Zach turned our pasta-making class into a comedy show! His jokes were as well-crafted as the pasta we rolled.The desert was heavenly and now i know why he never gets bored of it :) , Who knew learning to cook could be this entertaining? Grazie, Chef!
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31 Aug 2023
Absolutely thrilled with the cooking class led by Chef Zach! His expertise and passion for Central Italian cuisine shone throughout the session. We made pasta from scratch and navigated a three-course menu like pros, all thanks to Zach's clear instructions and hands-on guidance. What really stood out was how he made complex techniques seem attainable for us, mixing in just the right amount of humor to keep things light and engaging. A five-star experience from start to finish—I can't recommend Zach's classes highly enough!
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31 Jul 2023
Amazing time! Zach made us feel so comfortable. I’m not very good at cooking but Chef Zach made me feel like a pro! The best utensils are your hands!
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30 Jul 2023
Chef Zach was great! I attended with my adult son (a Mother's Day Gift). Even though I have done a fair amount of cooking in my life, I learned about pasta making which scared me and some other great tips along the way. My son learned a whole host of things to add to his burgeoning cooking interest. Chef Zach was a delight, teaching us in a fun and easy manner - and none of our questions were stupid. Chef Zach welcomed us into a warm inviting environment - a wonderful host. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone wanting to dip their toes into cooking, or add a cuisine to their knowledge, or just to have a fun evening.