Cooking Class: Sumptuous Sushi Rolls

In this hands-on cooking class, you’ll learn how to create a variety of delicious sushi rolls using traditional Japanese techniques. Using only the freshest ingredients, Chef Chris will demonstrate how to craft a delicious California roll with crab, thin-sliced cucumbers, avocado and seasoned sushi rice. You’ll then prepare with a hickory-smoked salmon roll with cream cheese, and a spicy tuna roll with fresh sushi-grade tuna and a spicy sambal garlic sauce. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to make Vietnamese spring rolls!


Vietnamese Spring Rolls

With lo mein noodles, fresh mint, bell peppers and green onions

California Roll

With crab, cucumbers, sushi rice, nori paper and avocado

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Roll

With sushi rice and nori paper

Spicy Tuna Roll

With sambal, sushi rice and nori paper

  • Minimum Guests 2
  • Maximum Guests 6
  • Event Duration 1.5 hours
  • Activity Level
  • LabelsGroup, Sushi Making, Beginner, Asian, Japanese

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23 Sep 2021

Great teacher, very informative and helpful. Super class. Highly recommend! We got to make three rolls and I feel confident to try making this at home now! Thanks chef Chris!!!


19 Mar 2020

Chef Chris was great! Looking forward to taking more classes with him.


07 Mar 2020

It was a great class.


05 Mar 2020

Chris was very knowledgeable and professional. He took time with each person to show and explain different steps, and made sure everyone was having a good time.


04 Mar 2020

We did have a good time and the chef was kind. The challenges we had were the following: - space was too loud for hosting a class - instructions were not made clear from the beginning when we signed up - the cost was not worth the quality or quantity we received


04 Mar 2020

Let me be clear, I think Chef Chris did fine for the situation, but the class was WEIRD. We made sushi. In a bar. On high top tables. While other events were going on. It felt unsanitary and awkward to be there. No one had to wash their hands, things were just being passed around and left on tables, and nothing looked prepared. I watched chef Chris take the fish out of packing, so at least I know that was fresh and safe, but I was expecting a much more polished experience. When I say other events were going on, I mean there was an engagement party going on in the bar and it was so loud I could not hear what Chris had to say unless he was speaking directly to me and my husband. That led to a lot of disjointed conversation. He began the class by saying he was tired and that he worked a lot. He did not ask us to introduce ourselves or encourage any "group class" experience, though to be fair that would have been difficult because of the noise level. Every couple was at their own table doing their own thing. Over all, I took a cooking class to have a fun date night where I felt like I learned something in an interactive way, but sadly I did not experience that. Go to Sur La Table if you want a professional feeling class.


01 Mar 2020

Great experience ... awesome date idea for couples


01 Mar 2020

I'm going to break this down into Pros and Cons as the experience was okay, but was not what I expected walking into it. Pros: - Chris seems like a knowledgeable and nice guy - Directions for making sushi were easy and to the point - Quality of the ingredients was very good - Plenty of supplies for everyone to use Cons: - Environment was poor at best for this kind of class. Loud breweries with parties happening aren't a good learning environment - We were supposed to be making a seared tuna roll, that never happened - Two couples did all the prep for the vegetables, my wife and I and another couple were just handed pre-cut ingredients to use that someone else had cut up. I am unsure about sanitation because they weren't wearing gloves as they were preparing our food. I have done these cooking classes before and it is very clear that Chris is new to this and trying to get his footing. I believe that within the next year he will be great, but that is not the case currently. He is knowledgeable and he knows his craft well. But the problem is that this is meant to be an experience for the couples that are shelling out their money. I feel like I could have just watched a YouTube video with my wife at home, tried recreating what they are doing and had a better experience overall. Is it worth going? Yeah it was fun making sushi with my wife and doing something we didn't know. Could we have done this at home? Yes and probably saved about $40.


01 Mar 2020

He was not prepared for the class. He could have rearranged the tables so everyone could hear better and did not. The aprons appeared dirty. He forgot an ingredient so we were not able to make everything we were supposed to. It was quite loud and difficult to hear (not his fault). He seemed knowledgeable but was not a great learning environment nor an enthusiastic instructor.


01 Mar 2020

Chris was great! But the event space was 1 Star at best. The space that was rented out for us was a small bar/brewery. I’m all about being set up at a brewery, it sounded super cool- however, we were set up in the hallway where the bathrooms were. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there were several dogs, brought by the bar-goers, playing just feet away from us. I also think golden apron could’ve benefited from having a second chef there to serve as a helping hand- it’s hard for one chef to help 12 people prepare their meal and what could’ve been a 15 minute cooking class was dragged out to 2 hours because everyone was left waiting for their turn to have Chris help them. Overall, the cooking lesson was very informative and Chris did a wonderful job with what he was given, but I would never purchase this class again nor recommend it to anyone.


29 Feb 2020

Very informative, Fun, and engaging! Had an excellent time!


23 Feb 2020

Chef was great and the class was super fun!


21 Feb 2020

I see a lot of potential in Chef Chris. He has knowledge in his craft and offers great tips and tricks when asked questions during the class. He had supplies set up and parts of the food prep already portioned and ready to help expedite the process. The group size was large (over a dozen), and the venue made it difficult for everyone to hear him. I understand Golden Apron coordinates the locations, which I do love being able to have beer while I cook, but I would make sure that the venue can accommodate for larger size groups in that there is a private room, or the proper acoustics can be met. Cooking classes, in my opinion, will not make you an expert, but will give you the confidence to try what you just learned at home. Will your sushi, pizza, pasta, etc be perfect in the class, maybe not. But will you gain knowledge and confidence to try again at home, absolutely. It's also wonderful to meet fellow foodies and novice chefs who enjoy being in the kitchen as much as you. I think with more classes under his belt, and honing his teaching skills, Chef Chris will become a known name in Dallas as Chef Instructor Extraordinaire.


19 Feb 2020

Chris made sushi-making look so easy....and with joe guidance we all made our sushi as easy as he did.


18 Feb 2020

The location was great, unfortunately We could not here what Chef Chris was saying. His back was set up to the group so people where sitting behind him while he was explaining everything. He only engaged with a few people. Otherwise the experience was good...


18 Feb 2020

Chris was awesome! Very informative and professional.


18 Feb 2020

super duper job Chris fun and educational. Met all my expectations for learning the basics of sushi production


16 Feb 2020

Chris did a good job and I have no complaints with him. The venue sucked. Ran out of water. Bathrooms ran out of towels. Bought food and was told to go to the bathroom for towels only to find there were no towels in either bathroom and no napkins to be found.


16 Feb 2020

The perfect level of interaction. Chis did splendid teaching then just being there to aid. This was so much fun. did this with my 22 year old son. Left confident I can make sushi at home now.


12 Feb 2020

I enjoyed learning how to make pasta from scratch. I would definitely consider another cooking class in the future.


26 Jan 2020

Chris was very nice and the sushi class was fun. Definitely recommend the class.


29 Dec 2019

Chef Chris was very nice and knowledgeable about pasta making. The set up and space was inadequate for that large of a group. We didn’t realize the class would be in the back of a brewery. We needed more tables, more equipment (plates, bowls, pasta rollers, utensils, etc). He ran out of butane for the 2 little burners he brought and needed to go to the store to buy more. My husband and I and 1 other couple were the only ones who stuck around to finish the class when he got back about 45 minutes later. Compared with other cooking classes we have done, this was definitely not organized and did not meet our expectations.


29 Dec 2019

Very nice guy, just not well prepared. 20ish people and just not enough supplies for it to be enjoyable for everyone. Didn't end up cooking the pasta within the 2 hour class and then ran out of butane to cook with.


06 Dec 2019

Wonderful experience with Chef Chris! I highly recommend this class for the sub par “cook” such as myself to explore the culinary side of things, to learn a thing or two in the kitchen! 10/10!


05 Dec 2019

Chef Chris was great, we just thought we'd have our own cooking station and we'd get to create the dish from start to finish, rather than just observing such a large portion of it.


03 Dec 2019

Great experience and chef! Food came out amazing, Definitely will be back!

Guest reviews for Chef Chris


06 Nov 2019

Chef Chris' culinary skills are amazing and he turns the simplest recipes into pure heaven for your mouth. I absolutely enjoyed his teachings and personality, definitely skilled in his craft!


06 Nov 2019

Great recipes, will make again! We enjoyed the class for sister's birthday. Good job!


06 Nov 2019

Great time and the food was amazing. Would definitely recommend this class to others.


06 Nov 2019

Chef Chris was excellent. He was very nice and extremely knowledgeable. We had a wonderful time and would recommend this to everyone!

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all-inclusive: 1.5-hour class, meal and taxes.

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Chef Chris has had many titles over the years, including sous chef, head chef and head baker. Now, he is showcasing a decade's worth of restaurant experience in a lineup of incredible cooking classes. Chef Chris' passion for food shines in a welcoming, inviting atmosphere that caters to all skill levels. His insight will empower you to take the reigns in your own kitchen, fostering confidence and an appreciation for all things food.

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