Cooking Class: Make Modern-Style Ramen

Embark on a culinary adventure with Chef Erin in this vibrant ramen cooking class. Unveil the art of crafting this cherished comfort food at home, guided by expert hands. 

Dive into the heart of ramen-making, unraveling the secrets behind a rich broth infused with savory oxtail, onion, ginger, and garlic. Elevate your skills as you master the delicate dance of slicing vegetables and spices with finesse, learning techniques that enhance the soothing flavors of your ramen. Elevate your cooking prowess while reveling in the warmth of this classic dish. Join us for a memorable experience that tantalizes taste buds and leaves you with a new kitchen repertoire.



With oxtail, onion, ginger, garlic, dashi stock and ramen noodles

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  • Minimum Guests 4
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours
  • Activity Level
    Activity Level
  • Restrictions Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.
  • LabelsCouples, Fusion, Date Night, Fun, Asian

Reviews Guests Left For This Experience

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01 Mar 2024

Caveat emptor… this isn’t really making ramen so much as assembling ramen from pre-prepped components. Chef Erin should revisit her format - crowding around hot plates that blew out the circuit breaker in the storage room of a Saké bar wasn’t really what I was expecting at this price point. At the end of it, I did end up with a good bowl of ramen and the knowledge of how to marinate a hard boiled egg. Chef Erin is also really nice and a lot of fun to spend time with.

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19 Feb 2024


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15 Feb 2024

This is review is a little long, but I’d read all of it to know what you’re signing up for. I agree with the other Feb 15 reviews, as I attended the same class for Valentine’s Day. I can’t speak to Chef Erin’s culinary skill, and she seemed like a nice person, but the experience I actually paid for was overpriced and disappointing to say the least. Giving two stars is being generous, and the second star is because my partner and I met nice people during the class. I expected the class to be in a culinary kitchen. We were in the storage/staff-only part of the facility — standing next to fermentation tanks, working on low tables to prepare our meal, and going without chairs to sit in or eat in — so everything felt crammed and like we were an afterthought. I would have preferred if the class had been canceled. It was so unsanitary. Our class had a vegetarian couple, and my partner doesn’t eat pork, yet the 16 of us were sharing pots that used vegetable broth, chicken broth, and pork broth without washing between uses. If you have an allergy or dietary restrictions, beware of cross-contamination. I don’t know how else to say this, but it felt very cheap. We used plastic spoons and forks. We used styrofoam bowls. We cut ingredients on a thin sheet of paper on a table that probably wasn’t disinfected beforehand instead of a cutting board. Like someone else mentioned, we used a ramen packet for seasoning (with some additional seasoning options) and HEB broth. I didn’t understand what made this ramen ‘’modern”. Maybe because we used oxtails instead of pork chasu as the meat option? The flow or structure was off. At one point, we had a nearly 20 min break immediately after choosing our toppings so we could go get drinks. I don’t think that was necessary. Also, one of the burners went out so two groups had to work out of a small corner, and the rotation to cook ingredients took a long time. At one point, a group used an extra pack of noodles and Erin said something along the lines of “that means another group won’t have noodles now.” To me, that means she should go around making sure each group that just joined the rotation knew the instructions, and she should have extra ingredients on hand to ensure everyone can complete the experience even if an error occurs. Luckily, someone found another pack of noodles and everyone was able to make their dish, but that doesn’t need to be a risk in the first place. It was truly a “I could have done this at home” experience. It may have even been better at home because my utensils wouldn’t have been plastic. It’s especially upsetting because it was for Valentine’s Day and I expected this activity to be a highlight of the holiday for my partner and me. At the current level, I would not purchase this experience and I definitely would not do it a second time. I believe in actionable feedback, so here are some suggestions for Erin: find stylish disposable options, or invest in reusable and matching kitchenware customers use; operate in a dedicated cooking space (that would likely solve the burner problem too); purchase better stock ingredients or allow customers to make all components of the dish from scratch; practice better and frequent sanitizing; reduce class size to minimize waiting periods, etc.

$99 $ 55 Per person

all-inclusive: 2-hour class, meal and taxes.

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Chef Erin
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Chef Erin is no stranger to creating magic in the kitchen. Owning and operating her own catering and private chef company has helped her develop her own culinary style. Texas patrons have gotten a taste of her gourmet creations, a point of pride in her ever-expanding career. No matter what Chef Erin prepares, her guests are always in for a sweet surprise.

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