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Chef Afi is a passionate culinary arts instructor with an impressive background of professional experience. She specializes in vegan cuisine and is an expert on all things pastry. As a chef and cooking instructor, Chef Afi is adept at conducting insightful, engaging lessons that are curated to suit the needs and interests of her students.

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11 Jan 2024
Such a great class and a perfect night out!
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10 Jan 2024
Amazing class she is very patient and informative I want to take another class
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29 Aug 2023
Chef Afi ran a fun and informative class on making pizza on the stovetop. Had a great time and the end result was very tasty.
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19 Jul 2023
Great class!
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14 Jul 2023
Enthusiastic. Instructor Think the description of the sushi sh indicate all vegetables (and no crab or other fish as is common for the roll and as shown in the picture. Also, sh make sure the avocados are ripe. It had fun!!
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13 Jul 2023
The class was great! Chef Afi was a wonderful instructor. Very knowledgeable, accommodating and patient. Thank you.
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28 Jun 2023
Had a great time. Chef was great. Would definitely do it again!
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19 Jun 2023
Chef Afi was engaging and informative. However, the class was not advertised appropriately. We were a party of 3 and had to share a personal pizza. Additionally, the cheese used was vegan yet no where in the description did it say we were signing up for vegan class. The price you are paying is more for the experience than it is for the product.
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15 Jun 2023
It was a nice event.
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14 Jun 2023
Chef Afi was great! The pizza making class was fun. We were a group of 7 - it was a little disappointing to make 1 pizza and 1 salad between all of us. Groups of two were making the same as us. Chef Afi did give us the pie that was used as the model for extra food but it was more about the hands on experience. A fun night out but I would definitely think twice about going with a large party.