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Chef David

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As a private chef, Chef David has led numerous high-end events throughout his career, curating gourmet menus and elegant dishes for various occasions. His career has taken him through every role in the kitchen, from dishwasher to sous-chef. No matter how much expertise he acquires, Chef David’s abiding passion for food drives him to continuously learn more, and he is passionate about sharing his know-how with others.

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Classpop! Guest Reviews for Chef David

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12 Jan 2024
David was personable informative and made the class fun. Although the Arsenal Cider House was a fun place to have the class it did not have the proper oven for making the pizza, I really enjoyed the class and recommend it.
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31 Jul 2023
The class was a lot of fun and the pizza was great. David was awesome to work with. I just wish that we would have been able to do more hands on. We were able to make the dough but did not get to make the sauce which I think would have made the class better and more hands on.
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18 Jun 2023
Amazing! So much fun, really helpful, and informative.
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31 May 2023
What a fun and informative event. Well organized. Nice venue too.
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06 Apr 2023
Great time - super nice guy. Went quick (2 hours isn't really enough time) but was fun.
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06 Mar 2023
David walked us through a step by step but also explained why he made the voices he did. He took the time to answer our questions and share some lessons learned from flailed try’s.
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02 Feb 2023
This class was great! I was struggling with my dough and sauce. Best sauce ever and my dough now has the secret ingredient!
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01 Feb 2023
Knowledgeable and extremely nice & friendly
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12 Jan 2023
Chef David made our pizza making experience one to remember! Not only did we learn how to make a good pizza, but we had so much fun while doing it! I would highly recommend this class if you’re interested in improving your pizza making skills and having a good time!

Outside Reviews for Chef David

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13 Oct 2022
We had a wonderful time with Chef David! He is passionate about cooking and provided us with a great dining experience. I highly recommend booking Chef David!