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Chef Carlos

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Chef Carlos has garnered more than 10 years of culinary experience as head chef, private chef and executive chef — roles that have taken him to Denmark, Turks and Caicos, Venezuela and Spain. He’s a personable multi-lingual chef who loves crafting incredible recipes using a wide range of culinary techniques. In addition to his skill at designing seasonal menus using high-quality ingredients, Chef Carlos is a master at creating a warm, welcoming environment for his guests.

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21 Feb 2024
Efficient and felt like I was never left behind! Really appreciated Carlos attention and patience to everyone’s work and he made everything simple!
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20 Feb 2024
We really enjoyed the class - Chef was very instructive and willing to work with us and any questions or issues we had. The food tasted great!
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10 Feb 2024
Great Chef! Loved the instruction and information.
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26 Jan 2024
What a fun Thursday night! Chef Carlos was so patient and informative about every step...especially how to make the best pasta dough. He was quick to help us make individual adjustments based on the quality of our ingredients and climate, which is a great example of his expertise. Not to mention, he helped us make maybe the best pesto and tiramisu I've ever had!
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21 Aug 2023
So much fun! Chef Carlos was engaging and took the time to make sure the entire class had the pasta dough just right! The food was soooooo good!
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31 Jul 2023
Enjoyed this class, slightly fast pace but that is understandable. Learn how to make pasta, very attentive each student.
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11 May 2023
Excellent class.
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04 May 2023
He stayed up late for us!
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17 Apr 2023
Amazing and fun experience. Highly recommend Chef Carlos!
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16 Apr 2023
Amazing class!