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Chef Shinya is a Japanese chef who specializes in traditional dishes from his home country enhanced with local flavors and ingredients of the West Coast. His combination of both classic Japanese techniques and native ingredients makes for dishes that are truly unique. Chef Shinya has lots of industry experience, having worked as both a culinary instructor and chef trainer. He also formerly owned a restaurant that earned three stars from Seattle Times. 

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25 Feb 2024
The class and the Chef Shinya were wonderful. It was all it was advertised as and more. The history and traditions along with the sushi instructions was excellent. And I really liked the small class size. The food was wonderful. I only wish I had had room to eat more
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26 Jan 2024
I had a wonderful time at the ramen making class. Chef Shinya was very knowledgeable and friendly, and he made us feel at home. He taught us all the tricks and techniques to make authentic and delicious ramen. We learned about the different types, and how to flavor it. The ramen we made was amazing. I highly recommend this class to anyone who loves ramen and wants to learn how to make it at home. Thank you, Chef Shinya, for a memorable and fun experience!
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14 Jan 2024
Chef Shinya and this class was EXCELLENT! I bought this as a gift for my family (adults and teenagers) and everyone loved it. Chef provided lots of interesting information, is a great storyteller, made everyone feel at home, AND taught us to make delicious sushi…which we then got to eat! So much fun!
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06 Jan 2024
Great class! Easy instructions, immense knowledge, amazing atmosphere.
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15 Nov 2023
Excellent evening of learning! I’m looking forward to taking on other class soon.
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14 Jul 2023
Incredibly experienced Chef they will teach you great rolling techniques!
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30 Jun 2023
Chef Shinya was amazing! He was well prepared with everything, from the instructions and the homey space to the food prep beforehand. He was also extremely knowledgeable - I learned so much! He was also very easy to chat with about finding good sushi around the area. My only request is that there be chairs available to sit in during the teaching portion.
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20 Feb 2023
Chef Shinya was a wonderful and very knowledgeable host. We took the gyoza class and learned so much! I do recommend having a snack before, as we didn’t eat until 9pm. The only suggestion I would have is for the class to be a little more interactive for all participants. Really enjoyed meeting Chef Shinya!
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16 Jan 2023
My partner and I really enjoyed this class! Pros: learned several general cooking tips, the food was fantastic, the Chef was great at breaking down big steps into small pieces, the lesson feels doable at home, and the chef adjusted the recipe to my pescatarian diet once I brought it to his attention. Cons: We did not eat until 9:30 PM, it was a large group for a smaller kitchen so we all watched people rotate cooking instead of being involved in each step, and the chef did not ask about dietary restrictions ahead of time. Overall, fantastic class, just eat a snack before you arrive. :)
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03 Oct 2022
Such a great class with a lovely and very knowledgeable chef! Chef Shinya’s teaching style is very easy to follow and the sushi he taught us to make was absolutely delicious. Great energy all around. I would definitely recommend his class and would take another myself!