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With a lifelong love of all things culinary, Chef Yapo mastered his craft at the San Diego Culinary Institute. With a strong passion for discussions around food, he now focuses on one-on-one opportunities to share his expertise and high-quality cuisine. Since 2009, Chef Yapo has brought elevated, unique fusion recipes to the table, with a focus on organic, local ingredients.

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18 Feb 2024
Fun, lots of energy!
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05 Nov 2023
Great guy.
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18 Jun 2023
Chef Yapo is very knowledgeable about sushi and any other food. In this class, we each made one roll of maki sushi, and learned all the tricks.
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25 May 2023
Excellent sushi making class, thank you chef!
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05 May 2023
The class was good. But i didnt like how it was two set of groups making the rolls. The 2nd group had to use the same vinegar for rice and same sheets. Class needs to be smaller and using clean materials. He also didnt encourage for ppl to go was their hands before. Class was two short. Wish we were able to cut the ingredients and cut the sushi. I feel that all i did was put rice and rolled. I expected to do the entire roll completely. From the cutting to prepping…
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19 Mar 2023
Super fun and insightful class!
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16 Nov 2022
He was very friendly and flexible for our requests!
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09 Nov 2022
Chef was great! Fun experience except for having 13 people in a small area.

Outside Reviews for Chef Yapo

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23 Oct 2018
We had a great time with Chef Yapo, he's passionate about food, preparing it the right way, and sharing his knowledge with others. And the meal was delicious!