Cooking Class: Japanese Sushi From Scratch

If you've always wanted to master the art of sushi making, this cooking class with Chef Desiree is the perfect place to start. 

You will learn how to make three different styles of sushi rolls that you can easily recreate at home. Start simply with rice and tuna rolls, then create two types of seaweed and rice rolls filled with vegetables and imitation crab. You will also make a seaweed salad to accompany your meal. 

Our cooking classes are designed to be social events that do not require any previous experience. Guests are welcome to purchase beer to enjoy during the class.


Seaweed Salad

With seaweed, soy sauce, sesame seeds and sesame oil

Hosomaki Tuna Roll

With tuna and sushi rice

Uramaki Vegetable Roll

With sushi rice and assorted vegetables

Uramaki California Roll

With sushi rice, imitation crab, cucumbers and avocado

  • Minimum Guests 4
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours
  • Activity Level
  • Restrictions Must be 21 years of age or older to attend.

Classpop! guest reviews for this experience


19 Jun 2020

Chef Desiree was wonderful and very informational. My boyfriend and I loved this date night!!


12 Jun 2020

Amazing time! Learned so much and Chef Desiree was friendly, explained things step by step and has a passion for what she loves!


18 Mar 2020

Great event and class. Really enjoyed learning (finally) how to do Sushi rolls...we had fun and enjoyed Chef's preparation and instruction!


15 Mar 2020

Sushi and seaweed salad was great! I've done both before and was hoping to learn a little something new, and got to wrap a roll w/rice outside of nori, so that was good, but about the only new bit I got. Late start and slow progress for pretty basic instruction, due to only 4 stations for 16-ish people. So don't arrive hungry. Tables for everyone to sit and work at would be nice. Bar setting, so: noisy, TV in the background, and makeshift kitchen facilities not ideal.


12 Mar 2020

I liked Chef Desiree. I don’t think the experience was up to par. First, the event started late; Second, people arrived late and I’m not actually sure if they were a part of the class or not; Third because of the mismanagement of time I didn’t make both my sushi rolls. The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth, I will not be returning.


01 Mar 2020

We ended up leaving after an hour of being there but not even touching the food. We would have preferred if we had our own stations rather than sharing with others, would have preferred instruction while preparing the food, and had a quieter environment to participate in the class. For the cost it was not worth it. Have two stars simple because the chef seemed nice, but we didn’t have any real interaction with her before leaving and expected more for the cost.


24 Feb 2020

Great class with a demo then hands on to do it ourselves. One recommendation would be to have more than one bowl of water available for dipping your hands or to change out the water often so that it is clean. Other than that, I enjoyed the class more than I thought I was going to!! We got to eat our 2 rolls and they were tasty!


16 Feb 2020

Fun night, the wife loved the class

Classpop! guest reviews for other experiences with Chef Desiree


16 Jan 2022

The class was a perfect size, 10 participants. Enough time to learn, chat and have a beer while learning.


13 Jan 2022

I feel confident I can do this at home now!


31 Dec 2021

Chef Desiree was awesome. She taught us all about sushi rolling, and came prepared with everything we needed to make the tastiest rolls. She was energetic and fun, and we could tell she had a passion for sushi rolling. She was knowledgeable about the whole process, and very helpful to us as we made our first rolls. Highly recommend this class to anyone looking for a fun experience. Oh, and the rolls tasted amazing, too!


18 Dec 2021

We enjoyed her class very much!


16 Dec 2021



16 Dec 2021

Fun and tasty!


02 Dec 2021

She was so friendly, giving and just full of excitement. I can not wait for myself and others to do her Advanced class.


07 Nov 2021

Enjoyed the class!


22 Oct 2021

We had so much fun taking this class! Chef Desiree was a great teacher who made it easy for us to learn how to roll.

Guest reviews for Chef Desiree

Cheryl Anderson

02 Jan 2020

Desiree is the best at making people feel comfortable and relaxed at any gathering. She’s very patient and a great teacher!! She’s always well prepared and for a big bonus...her sushi turns out delicious and looks amazing. If you’re looking to learn how to roll sushi, she’s the one you want!!

Chris Garza

02 Jan 2020

Dez’s sushi is amazing. Her rice is sweet and fluffy and the quality of her ingredients is what you would expect for high-end sushi. Her eye for detail and the aesthetics really brings the ingredients together in ways that make you ask the question “ is something that looks that tasty too pretty to eat?” Then answer is always no but it’s close. The best part about it for me is the people. You get to be in the moment, in a relaxed environment with sushi talk as an ice breaker.or not even mentioned. It doesn’t matter because as good as the food is it is better getting to share it with people who make you happy.

Daniel Reed

02 Jan 2020

Dez rocks! Her sushi is top-notch and tastes amazing. She’s warm, friendly and fun. Her sushi parties are amazing and always a good time. Can’t wait for the next on.

Ryan Goza

02 Jan 2020

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Desiree. I thoroughly enjoyed my time sampling her sushi. She is dedicated and knowledgeable and an all-round great person! -

Courtney Goza

02 Jan 2020

Desiree’s classes are fun and her instruction is easy to follow and no stress. She makes learning a new skill fun and the sushi is delicious. She gets everyone involved to the extent they are comfortable with. I would definitely recommend taking this class.

Nuerzhati Nijiati

02 Jan 2020

The overall environment was very friendly! The entire kitchen was clean and neat and all sushi rolls were made in an open space so that we could see how sushi was made. It was an amazing dinner party! Dez is very friendly and funny person, she is extremely great at explaining things.

Jessica Gindlesperger

02 Jan 2020

The sushi parties are so much fun! I’ve always wanted to learn how to roll but had so many questions and no one to ask. Dez is very knowledgeable and teaches you everything from the proper way to shop for ingredients to the best way to cut the rolls. Everything is delicious and the environment is great for networking too. I now feel confident in making my own sushi at home, and even my seven year old has learned how to make her own too! -

Mel Siebers

02 Jan 2020

Best sushi sensei ever!

David Ramirez

02 Jan 2020

I was amazed for the variety of rolls that were made on the party, so many and so delicious all of them but the spicy tuna was my favorite. I learned so many tips to make my own rolls. I had an amazing time on the party everyone was really nice and fun. Definitely, I’ll join the next one.

$75 $ 45 Per person

all-inclusive: 2-hour class, meal and taxes.

This class does not have any dates.

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Chef Desiree
Chef Desiree Verified chef

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Chef Desiree has been rolling sushi completely from scratch for more than a decade, and perfecting her techniques along the way. Twice a year, she hosts an event where attendees numbering in the dozens gather to learn her tips and tricks to making homemade fare, though she also enjoys sharing her culinary knowledge with small groups, friends and family. Chef Desiree looks forward to sharing her passion and talent with you!

Event location: Austin

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