Painting Class: Blissful Brushstrokes

Immerse yourself in sound and color in a soothing art class that blends sound bathing and painting for a one-of-a-kind creative experience. Instructor Nora is your guide for this journey through the creative process, with a healing soundtrack of tranquil tones chosen to inspire the utmost in artful expression. Access your imagination in a new and thrilling way as you bring your canvas to life with step-by-step instruction perfect for painters of all skill levels. You'll have all you need to embark on a journey into your own dimension of artistry.

  • Minimum Guests 4
  • Maximum Guests 30
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Nora

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Vice Magazine

08 Apr 2024

As an LA native, Keyes believes that one of the city's biggest creative forces is its nature. While a budding artist, her work was influenced by frequent visits to the Angeles National Forest and appreciation of its ecosystem, natural history, and numerous wilderness areas. Her relationship to her artwork, however, has evolved through the years, consistently paving the way for new, unexplored terrain. Her heavily layered artworks are impressive from afar, but only when they're seen up close can one truly appreciate the amount of work and detail involved. Keyes' layers upon layers of media, whether paint or collage, convey the artist's own intellectual, emotional, and spiritual journey, resonating long afterwards with the viewer. "If I am able to carve out moments in sound or paint for others to delve into, examine, and hopefully leave with a slightly different perspective, then I have done my job"

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Hi Fructose

08 Apr 2024

Nora Keyes combines painting and collage for intricate, multidimensional pieces. The absorbing work can be scrutinized from feet or inches away, maintaining the viewer’s gaze at every corner. The work can feel otherworldly, yet entirely human in their contemplation and introspection.

$ 55 Per person

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Event location: 113 E 8th St, Los Angeles, CA, 90014


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Instructor Nora is an art teacher who is passionate about combining surrealism and meditation in her teaching. With over 20 years of experience, Instructor Nora's artwork delves into the subconscious, using painting as a form of meditation and stress reduction. In her classes, she emphasizes the expressive power of paint, helping students explore their creativity and express deep personal emotions through art. Instructor Nora’s supportive environment encourages artistic risks and personal growth, guiding students on a transformative journey that extends beyond technical skills.

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