Online Mixology Class: Horror Cinema Cocktails

Mixologist Brett recreates the silver screen's scariest moments in beverage form with this online mixology class! Inspired by some of the most memorable horror movies in Hollywood history, these cocktails are sure to send a chill right through you and impress your spooky party guests.

You'll create a creepy drink menu quadruple-feature that includes a blood-Red Rum with dark rum and cherry liqueur, Ichabod's Ride with pumpkin spice and white chocolate flavors, a colorfully creepy Pennywise's Temptation with cotton candy-flavored vodka and a Prescott Punch with vodka, creamy white chocolate liqueur, and citrusy flavors of orange liqueur and grenadine.


Red Rum

With dark rum, cherry liqueur and ginger beer

Ichabod's Ride

With bourbon, white chocolate liqueur, pumpkin spice syrup and vanilla ice cream

Pennywise's Temptation

With cotton candy-flavored vodka, cotton candy and black tapioca pearls

Prescott Punch

With vodka, orange liqueur, white chocolate liqueur and grenadine

Every class is fully interactive.
Chef demonstrates each step and assists you as you perform each step.
Ask questions and have the chef check your progress.
  • Recipes Recipes are sent in your booking confirmation.
  • Ingredients Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability.
  • Technology Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Class Participation Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.
  • Class Minimum 6 devices
  • Class Maximum 20 devices
  • Event Duration 60 minutes


Dark rum
Cherry liqueur
Ginger beer
Fresh or maraschino cherries
Peychaud's bitters
Orange slice
White chocolate liqueur
Pumpkin spice syrup
Vanilla ice cream
Caramel sauce
Pumpkin pie spice
Brown sugar
Cotton candy-flavored vodka
Blue curacao
Cotton candy
Black tapioca pearls
Vodka (raspberry flavor optional)
Orange liqueur
Raspberry liqueur
Milk or milk alternative
Vanilla extract
Frozen orange juice concentrate

Kitchen Equipment

Cutting board
Kitchen torch
Shaker or cocktail pitcher
Wine glass
Shaker set
Cocktail strainer
Fine mesh sieve
Small plate or bowl
Rocks glass
Boba straw
Coupe or martini glass
Measuring cups and spoons
Hi-ball glass

Classpop! Guest Reviews for other experiences with Mixologist Brett

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17 Mar 2024

My husband and I enjoyed our class with Brett. He was informative and very open to questions. I hope to take another class with him.

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16 Jan 2024

Brett was a very patient Bartender who taught us how to make very interesting and tasty cocktails! Thank you Brett!!

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17 Feb 2023

Brett was super knowledgeable and led a fun and interesting class! We really enjoyed the experience.

$ 25 Per device

60-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

This class does not have any dates.

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With more than 15 years of experience in the beverage industry, Mixologist Brett has created menus and curated beverage collections for a variety of bars and restaurants across Michigan. He found new joy in teaching others how to create artisan cocktails of their own after conducting a beginner's mixology class, and it's been true love ever since. Mixologist Brett brings this passion and energy for beverage craft with his students in every class he teaches.

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