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Chef Jordan

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Making his way from the kitchen to the classroom, Chef Jordan brings a unique blend of top-tier education with practical work experience and a true passion for the culinary arts. After learning at Le Cordon Bleu in Texas, the chef worked in a series of eateries around Colorado where he discovered a sincere love of teaching. Chef Jordan shares the techniques and skills gained through real-world experience with his talent for guiding blossoming cooks.

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17 Jan 2024
What an amazing experience! Chef Jordan walked (and talked) us through an amazing cooking adventure in Italian cooking. He is knowledgeable and explains the what's and the why's so clearly. We can't wait to have him back.

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05 Oct 2023
Jordan was so helpful in giving us all tips and tricks in cooking that I never would have thought of otherwise. For example, he showed us how to dice an onion without it falling apart all over the place. I could tell a lot of thought was put into the 3 course brunch meal and the salad, omelette, and French toast were to die for. I definitely feel more confident in the kitchen and it was a fun and unique group experience as well. Would definitely recommend for any occasion and would hire him again in a heartbeat!