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Chef Justin

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Boasting a decade immersed in the culinary world, Chef Justin reigns as a sushi-rolling virtuoso. Adept in traditional knife finesse, premium ingredients, and genuine recipes, he's an ideal mentor for those eager to craft sushi anew. Proficient in English, Japanese, and Chinese, Chef Justin is resolute in ensuring his guests feel at ease, forging indelible kitchen memories for all.

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Reviews Guests Left For Chef Justin

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14 Jul 2024
Our personal cooking class with Chef Justin was perfect. He provided all fresh seafood, provided detailed instructions, and even had some humor/jokes during the class. My husband and I had a wonderful time and would recommend Chef Justin to anyone.
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15 Jan 2024
Justin is very professional, calm, and proud of what he is doing as a chef. He is teaching in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The sushi was delicious. He left my kitchen spotless. The sushi were very, very, very delicious!
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04 Oct 2023
Chef Justin was wonderful! He was extremely organized when he arrived to our home, and had all the fresh ingredients ready to go. He taught us unique prep techniques (how to cut fish/veggies in different ways), and answered all of our questions along the way. We would definitely recommend Chef Justin to those wanting to learn about sushi and knife techniques! Thank you Justin for a great experience.

Outside Reviews for Chef Justin

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Silvia G.
02 Aug 2023
Chef Justin made it really easy to follow his class. Everything he did looked effortless. A great experience for anybody like me that loves eating sushi but does not know much about how to make it properly. Now I know!