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Chef Autumn

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An obvious passion for food sets Chef Autumn apart from the others. With extensive experience in the kitchen, Chef Autumn has worked at Disney World, was a sous chef under a Michelin star chef and became an executive chef at 23. She has a deep knowledge of Asian flavors and ingredients and loves to experiment with fusion cuisines to create unique dishes with tantalizing flavors.

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09 Feb 2024
Autumn was amazing. She made an amazing meal, explained to use what she was doing at each step, was very personable, brought all of her won supplies, and cleaned everything up - even though we offered to help clean up. I would definitely hire her again.
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29 Dec 2023
Great class! Amazing food!

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Silvia G.
25 Jul 2023
Chef Autumn's love for Asian food was obvious, which made the experience so much more enjoyable and fun. It was a flavour sensation and I cannot wait to recreate her dishes.