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Making her home in Tel Aviv, New York-native Chef Roxy has a passion for the vibrant traditional flavors of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, inspired by the diverse culinary culture of Israel, with its open markets, year-round fresh produce and incredible street food offerings. Her 10 years of international experience in the food industry make her uniquely qualified to teach her students how to transform simple ingredients into impressive dishes.

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11 Sep 2021
Fantastic class; lots of fun and easy to participate.

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Tam G.
23 Aug 2020
I will never buy store-bought hummus ever again! Chef Roxy unlocked tips to great-tasting, authentic hummus and falafel, and my tastebuds couldn't be happier. This was my first virtual cooking class experience and I was pleasantly surprised-- it was collaborative, easy to follow, and had great flow. I can totally see myself sharing another cooking class experience with my family. I signed up for the class at the last minute, so I didn't have time to soak my garbanzo beans. Chef Roxy quickly provided me with a fast solution. 5-stars for Chef Roxy, Falasophy Queen!