Team Building Activity: Dessert Charcuterie Duel With the Crew

Competitive charcuterie with a sugary twist is on the leaderboard in this team building activity from Chef Chris! He'll lead your crew through a culinary contest where sweets are the ammunition and dessert boards are the battlefield. 

First up, your gang will learn to whip up pitch-perfect hot chocolate to sip as they work. Then, Chef Chris shares his secrets for crafting chocolate-dipped dessert displays as delicious to admire as they are to sample.  At last, the battle for Dessert Charcuterie Champs begins! The breakout team that assembles the most creative dessert board shall savor the sweet taste of victory!


All necessary utensils will be provided by the chef. The venue is required to have access to sinks nearby, tables set-up to prep and garbage containers. Chefs are able to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance.

Homemade Hot Cocoa Demonstration

Chef demonstrates how to make hot chocolate from scratch that your team enjoys while decorating their boards

Charcuterie Board Basics Demonstration

Chef demonstrates how to create a visually appealing dessert board

Chocolate Tempering Demonstration and Chocolate Dipping

Chef demonstrates how to properly temper chocolate and teams make and decorate chocolate-covered strawberries and various chocolate-dipped fruits, nuts and pretzels

Knife Cuts for Fruits

Chef demonstrates how to cut various fruits into visually appealing shapes and presentations

Team Dessert Charcuterie Competition

Ingredient options include seasonal items, fruits, chocolates, cookies, meringues, pretzels, candies, caramels, brownie bites, nuts, brittle and more

  • Minimum Guests 15
  • Maximum Guests 50
  • Event Duration 2.5 hours

Classpop! Guest Reviews for other experiences with Chef Chris

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20 Feb 2024

He was so personal and patient! Enjoyed the company and delicious food

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15 Jan 2024

Overall was a fun class. A couple things I would consider. First, make everyone wash their hands or provide gloves. The fact that we got anyone’s pasta is just gross. Did they wash their hand?. There were a lot of people in the class, also we were starving by the time 9 pm rolled around. Just was too many people with too much going on. Sucked that some had to leave because it was getting too late and went home hungry. I would have loved to been involved with the making of the pasta sauce. Or been asked to come up and watch. It wasn’t as involved and defeats the point of learning to cook. Which is why I took the class in the first place.

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12 Jan 2024

I was very disappointed in this experience. Way too many people for the class. Crowded and in a loud environment and you could hardly hear Chris speak. Lead to believe we would be making the sauces. Had to share ingredients with 2-4 other people and out of 3 hours, had about 15 mins of actual hands on time. Didn’t even eat our own pasta. My friend had to leave before even eating. Nothing was printed and we were expected to email him to get the recipes. Totally NOT a cooking class. Ridiculous for the price. We got a scoop of pasta at the very end, after the brewery was closing down. So many other things. I planned to make a post about the amazing night, I was really looking forward to it, and was so frustrated and upset by the end, didn’t even share photos. 0/10 recommend.

$ 99 Per person

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Chef Chris
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Chef Chris was working as an Italian teacher at UC Berkeley when he discovered his passion for cooking. Ever since then, he has been following his passion of cooking and teaching with a focus on regional Italian cuisine. He even co-founded a culinary event business to highlight his skills. Chef Chris teaches an array of different highly regarded cooking classes, many of which are created for corporate teambuilding. He also currently provides walking food tours of Little Italy.

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