Team Building Activity: Creating Custom Asian Dumplings

In this team building activity with a twist, your team will learn to create authentic Asian dumplings while engaging in some fun competition. Chef Nabeelah will teach everyone expert dumpling-making techniques before letting the whole group get creative on their own.

First, Chef Nabeelah will instruct you in the mixing of the perfect dumpling dough. She’ll also teach you how to fold and wrap dumplings like a pro. Then, everyone will split into groups and work together to choose from various filling ingredients to make their own imaginative dumpling creations. With choices like chicken, tofu, mushrooms and vermicelli, the flavor combinations are endless! The winning dumplings will be chosen based off of creativity, appearance and overall taste.


All necessary utensils will be provided by the chef. The venue is required to have access to sinks nearby, tables set-up to prep and garbage containers. Chefs are able to arrive a minimum of 30 minutes in advance.

Dumpling Dough

With flour, water and cooking oil

Filling Ingredients

With chicken, pork, tofu, mushrooms, green onion, water chestnuts, vermicelli, cilantro and more

  • Minimum Guests 10
  • Maximum Guests 50
  • Event Duration 2 hours

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13 Feb 2023

So this experience was very strange and i do not recommend it. There were multiple instances where it seemed the chef did not know what she was doing (she had someone read out the recipe and had to restart 2 of the 3 tables that she was working with). She also said some pretty offensive things to our table, whom she also ignored for most of the time we were there. She blamed us for not "doing it right" but also did not spend any time with us (of the almost 2 hour long experience, she didn't even spend 10 minutes with us). She used her experience with language learning as justification for saying that our whole table was "from the short bus" (stating that she was allowed to say that because she came to the country not able to speak English). Then, when we were getting the bowl of our finished noodles, she asked us all our star signs and made assumptions about our relationships based on those signs. Very weird and not at all pleasant experience. Not sure if 3 tables were too much for her or if she doesn't fully understand the impact of what she says or does but I do not recommend going to her class until she spends more time developing herself. The sauce was good=2 stars

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03 Feb 2023

Chef Nabeelah was so much fun! I really enjoyed her style & personality. The pasta was yummy.

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03 Feb 2023

She was amazing! Very kind and informative.

$99 $ 65 Per person

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Chef Nabeelah
Chef Nabeelah Verified chef

Chef Nabeelah is a Manhattan-based South African model and entrepreneur whose life revolves around cooking, especially after six years as a private chef for multiple families. She runs a meal prep company in Jacksonville, Florida, which began during her culinary management studies at Florida State College at Jacksonville. Chef Nabeelah's focus since 2020 is curating her recipe book and expanding her social media presence as a chef. Her love of travel and Cape Malay cooking informs her culinary sensibilities.

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