Online Mixology Class: Daquiri Delights

A beloved cocktail gets a refreshing reboot in this introduction to the classic daquiri!

Create a paradise in your own home lounge with a set of fun daquiri recipes in this online mixology class with Mixologist Samuel! Your lesson begins with an introduction to the classic daquiri featuring rum, fresh lime juice and cane sugar, in both blended and non-blended versions. Then extend your adventure with the Hemingway daquiri by adding the sweet flavors of maraschino and grapefruit.


Blended Daiquiri 

With white rum, cane sugar, fresh lime juice and ice

Classic Daiquiri 

With white rum, cane sugar and fresh lime juice

Hemingway Daiquiri 

With white rum, maraschino liqueur, fresh lime and grapefruit juice

Every class is fully interactive.
Chef demonstrates each step and assists you as you perform each step.
Ask questions and have the chef check your progress.
  • Recipes Recipes are sent in your booking confirmation.
  • Ingredients Ingredients can be adapted for dietary restrictions or lack of availability.
  • Technology Connect with the chef using Zoom on your computer, tablet or mobile device.
  • Class Participation Chime in with questions through audio or chat. Use of video is optional.
  • Class Minimum 10 devices
  • Class Maximum 20 devices
  • Event Duration 60 minutes


Good quality white rum
Luxardo maraschino liqueur
Five limes for juicing and garnish
One grapefruit for juicing and garnish
Evaporated cane sugar for simple syrup
Fresh fruit, like bananas, strawberries or mangoes, optional
Plenty of ice cubes

Kitchen Equipment

1oz/2oz Jigger
Hawthorne strainer
Fine/tea strainer, optional
Double/old fashioned glass
Two coupe glasses
Reusable straws

Guest reviews for Mixologist Samuel


01 Feb 2021

Sam is very knowledgeable and explains things well. I enjoyed listening to his point of view on certain topics.

$29 $ 19 Per device

60-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

This class does not have any dates.

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Mixologist Samuel
Mixologist Samuel

Mixologist Samuel has more than a decade of professional experience under his belt. A former audio engineer turned bartender, he got started honing his mixology skills in an industrial-chic gastropub and craft cocktail bar in Madison, WI. From there, he moved to NYC and currently serves as the bar manager and head bartender for one of the premier cocktails bars in the East Village.

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