Photography Class: Black and White Film Developing

Black-and-white photos can produce visual artistry and drama unrivaled in the world of photography, and analog film is a prime medium for capturing such images. In this hands-on black-and-white film developing class from BKC, you’ll learn how to properly load a film reel and development tank in a fully dark environment, how to avoid problems and pitfalls during processing, and how and when to make chemistry changes to alter your images for heightened effect. You’ll also learn how to wash, dry and store your processed negatives for archival purposes, to keep them clear and printable for years to come. Students should bring one or two finished rolls of black and white film to class for processing (not Kodak T400CN or Ilford XP2, which use color chemistry to produce black-and-white results).

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 12
  • Event Duration 75 minutes

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05 Jan 2020

I did the one-day workout this Sunday from 11am-4pm led by Kathy. I couldn't be happier with the class, it's really well structured and easy to understand. After having been using the auto mode on my camera for 7+ years now, I can finally use the manual mode now. I took some shots on manual after the class and some turned out a lot better than the auto mode. I'm so excited to take my camera out for runs now. Thanks so much Kathy and BKC!

$ 99 Per person

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