Photography Class: Intro to Documentary-Style Photography

Embark on a compelling photographic journey in this documentary photography class, where the power of real-life storytelling comes to life. Learn to wield your camera as a tool of narrative, capturing raw and impactful moments that reveal the essence of real-life subjects, events, and issues. 

Dive into the art of candid and unscripted photography, creating visual narratives that convey profound insights into the world around us. Explore the heart of documentary photography, mastering techniques that breathe life into your images and communicate a deeper understanding of the subject matter. Join the talented Instructor Vernetta and her team to unlock the art of visual storytelling that transcends words.

  • Minimum Guests 4
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Vernetta

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22 Aug 2023

Vernetta was/is a total gem! I’ve had one class so far and scheduled another already. It is amazing how much my pictures have changed since our class. She left me with some homework, which I greatly appreciate, and it’s helped to keep everything fresh in my mind. I’ll definitely keep coming to her for lessons.

$ 99 Per person

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Instructor Vernetta has always seen the world through a photographer's eye. Her talent for telling stories without using words has helped her create works that show viewers a glimpse of her vision. As a teacher, she invites students to share their unique vantage. Whether helping them craft vignettes or discovering moments of random magic, Instructor Vernetta introduces aspiring shutterbugs to new avenues of self-expression.

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