Virtual Escape Room: Cursed Forest Virtual Escape Room

Gather your friends and family to help you escape from a cursed virtual forest!

In this virtual escape room, you'll immerse yourself in a thrilling online game and bring your crew along on an unforgettable adventure! A witch has cursed the enchanted forest and you'll need to solve her diabolical puzzles to escape. Can you break the curse in time, or will you be trapped forever? Book today to join this exciting virtual escape room for kids, teens and adults!

Every event is fully interactive.
Your host will greet all guests and coordinate the event from start to finish.
Video is not required but always encouraged for a fun experience.
  • Class Minimum 2 devices
  • Class Maximum 14 devices
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Classpop! guest reviews for this experience

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08 Jan 2022

It was a ton of fun! My family enjoyed it and we found it challenging. Would definitely do this again.

Guest reviews for Host Susan or Virtual Host

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22 Mar 2021

Just completed their virtual escape room. Soooooo much fun! As a fan of live escape rooms I was apprehensive about a virtual experience, but this was excellent! Challenging, creative and a great use of technology. Highly highly recommend!!!!

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22 Mar 2021

My family and I just did a virtual escape room. Even though we did not make it out in time, we had a great time! It was the perfect way to connect virtually between Iowa and Minnesota. Our fairy Godfather was an awesome host as well. I highly recommend this activity!

$ 25 Per device

120-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

Whether you're trying to break a witch's curse or thwart the plans of an evil supervillain, Host Susan or Virtual Host will be there to guide you along the way. Your host will begin by presenting the instructions and rules for your experience and will also be available to provide hints wherever or whenever they are needed or wanted and to provide overall further immersion into the experience.

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