Online Dance Class: Explore Exotic Dancing at Home

Tap into your sensual side with this intimate online dance class with Instructor My. There is no need to travel to a dance studio for this unique session; practice the foundations and artistry of exotic dance from the privacy of your own home with a lesson in real time.  This class has a maximum of two participants, so you can feel comfortable and relaxed as you are free to ask questions, take notes and set the pace with this exclusive experience.

Every event is fully interactive.
Your host will greet all guests and coordinate the event from start to finish.
Video is not required but always encouraged for a fun experience.
  • Class Minimum 1 device
  • Class Maximum 1 device
  • Event Duration 60 minutes

Outside Reviews for Instructor Susan

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Jennifer T

17 May 2022

What a blast! I booked for my friend's going away party, and My was great! Professional and knowledgeable, but so much fun. She came over to my house, which is a great option because we were able to drink some wine before she arrived! There were about 9 girls in our group, and she was able to work with all experience levels. By the end of the night, all of us had some moves that we were comfortable doing, and we were laughing and having a blast the entire time :) Thanks for making my friend's going away party memorable!

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Garima B

17 May 2022

I booked My for my friends bachelorette and it was a hit. At first I was not sure how it will turn out to be but it was great, she taught us the movements, some tricks and all. She got her own music and chair and everything so you don't have to worry about anything. We really enjoyed a lot. She was very cooperative with timings too. She offers different but fun stuff for you to share with your girlfriends. You have to see yourself to know.

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Jill W

17 May 2022

My sister booked My for my bachelorette party two years ago and I just hired her again for my sister's bachelorette party. She gave us a lesson in the fine art of seductive dance and it was so fun both times! She is great with groups and getting everyone involved and the entire party thought it was so fun and funny and useful information! I highly recommend for bachelorette parties, it is the perfect activity for a group of girls.

$ 60 Per device

60-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

This class does not have any dates.

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With years of experience in the exotic dance and adult entertainment industries, Instructor Susan provides her students with classes of the utmost authenticity. As the owner of an exotic dance studio, she pulls from her extensive work history as a model and go-go dancer to teach women all they want to know about fitness, exotic dance styles and seduction methods. She is renowned for her work, having been featured in music videos, films and television shows. Through her dance classes, Instructor Susan has helped countless women "light the fire" within their relationships, shed pounds, become stronger and foster empowering confidence.

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