Online Dance Class: Shake It Off - Taylor Swift-Themed Dance Off

Bring out your big energy for a chance to shake-shake-shake it off in this Taylor Swift-themed dance class! The music of one of pop music's superstars is the soundtrack for a selection of vibrant routines. Discover what it takes to put together a series of simple steps to create impressive choreography that's sure to dazzle when you hit the dance floor. Come for the moves; stay for the grooves! Book your spot in the Taylor Swift-themed dance class today while there's still a blank space to write your name!

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Your host will greet all guests and coordinate the event from start to finish.
Video is not required but always encouraged for a fun experience.
  • Class Minimum 4 devices
  • Class Maximum 25 devices
  • Event Duration 60 minutes

Guest reviews for Host Kumbi

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19 May 2021

These classes are just so life-affirming. It was just what I needed!

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Dr. Nicki Monti

19 May 2021

Please do yourself a favor and join me - for the fast-paced, joyful, wonderfully rigorous dance workout of your life!

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Brooke R

19 May 2021

This is a place where I can be joyful and not have to say a word because their language is about fun and passion. I may not do the moves perfectly, but I can have the perfect attitude while doing them!

$75 $ 39 Per device

60-minute class hosted on Zoom. Tax included.

Host Kumbi
Host Kumbi

Host Kumbi is an enthusiastic dance instructor teaching in Atwater Village, California. Her regimen covers an eclectic blend of ethnic, mainstream, traditional and non-traditional dance. Host Kumbi offers classes for students of all ages, skill levels, abilities and backgrounds who are hoping to find creative self-expression and physical fitness through the joy of dance. 

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