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Instructor Jared

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Instructor Jared and his talented team run a lovely ceramics studio where the mission is to promote ceramic arts and the enrichment and engagement of the communities it serves. They help artists of all skill levels advance their craft and create beyond their dreams.

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10 Dec 2023
Everyone was so helpful and kind! Anytime i felt unsure, there was always someone there to help and encourage me!
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05 Dec 2023
Such a bright and airy studio, the atmosphere was relaxed and it was so fun learning how to make platters.
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03 Dec 2023
Thank you so much for all your help and flexibility in getting our group scheduled for the workshop! What a delight it turned out to be! Your team was super friendly and helpful. All the materials were prepped in advance, with clay slabs rolled and easy to use, and we loved having one of the tables nestled among the shelves for our own group and already set up with water and sponges, clay tools and glazes…you guys really planned well for us to complete a lot within one workshop! We asked for help a few times and each of your team had great ideas and quick responses…thanks so much for such a great experience! We will be back!
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02 Oct 2023
RedBrick Ceramics Studios provides access to two increasingly rare and wonderful experiences: community connection and hands-on art. I love attending their weekend ceramics sessions, the projects are always well-thought out, allow a lot of opportunity for personalization and creativity by each participant, and they create a fun community space. It is wonderful to be able to learn a new technique or idea in an afternoon. I always leave RedBrick energized by seeing everyone's project and with lots of ideas I want to try in the future.
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13 Sep 2023
The Ceramic workshops hosted at RedBrick Ceramic Studio are incredibly fun, affordable, and personable. The instructors are knowledgeable and down-to-earth which creates an open and relaxed atmosphere as everyone is free to express their creativity while socializing with the other attendees. I’ve gone three times this year and plan to attend as many workshops as I can!
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01 Sep 2023
My journey into pottery with this studio has been transformative. Under the expert guidance of Devorah and Grace, I've not only created a captivating flowery bowl and a charming jewelry holder in just two sessions, but I've also discovered a unique avenue for enhancing focus and self-expression. Their adept teaching and willingness to address questions create an inviting learning environment. The combination of artistic creation and mindfulness at the workshop, led by Devorah and Grace, is truly a remarkable experience that I'm grateful to be a part of.
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01 Sep 2023
I have had the absolute pleasure of attending several workshops at this Studio and can't sing its praises enough! I have attended classes alongside community members of all walks of life and skill levels, and the volunteers do an incredible job at sparking creativity and making ceramics fun for everyone. Workshop participants seem to really enjoy the workshops and walk away with a sense of accomplishment and enthusiasm for making more ceramics in the future. Additionally, the volunteers who run the studio are incredibly knowledgeable about ceramics and passionate about art. This studio's dedication to community, creativity, and accessibility are what makes it so special, and I am so lucky that it is in my neighborhood. Previously, I was intimidated by taking on ceramics as a medium due to time constraints and lack of accessibility, but they have made it possible for me to explore this art form. I am so grateful for this organization and the community that it fosters.
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Devorah Canter
31 Aug 2021
Wonderful cooperative Ceramic Studio space in the Mission district of San Francisco. 24/7 access, lots of light, windows and balcony. Communal and private spaces at very reasonable prices. Lots of shared resources.