Dance Class: Clear-Mind Meditation and Yoga

With a relaxing workout like this meditation and yoga session with Instructor Kumbi, you'll discover an energizing dance class that gets you charged up and keeps you serene at the same time. Spend a soul-expanding 45 minutes strengthening, stretching and moving your body in a yoga sequence designed to supercharge you from the inside out. Then, bring everything back to center with a 15-minute partially guided meditation session. 

This yoga class provides exercise for the mind, body and soul with Instructor Kumbi's calm guidance leading you the whole way. Give your mind a rest and your body rejuvination with this enlightening session.

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 15
  • Event Duration 60 minutes
  • LabelsAdult, Beginner, Dance Workout

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25 Jan 2024

Beautiful class

Outside Reviews for Instructor Kumbi

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19 May 2021

These classes are just so life-affirming. It was just what I needed!

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Dr. Nicki Monti

19 May 2021

Please do yourself a favor and join me - for the fast-paced, joyful, wonderfully rigorous dance workout of your life!

Host Kumbi is an enthusiastic dance instructor teaching in Atwater Village, California. Her regimen covers an eclectic blend of ethnic, mainstream, traditional and non-traditional dance. Host Kumbi offers classes for students of all ages, skill levels, abilities and backgrounds who are hoping to find creative self-expression and physical fitness through the joy of dance. 

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