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Chef Paul

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After studying culinary arts in New Brunswick, Chef Paul began his luminous career as a professional chef specializing in Korean and Japanese food. He is a talented sushi chef and master of Korean BBQ, with a flair for crafting dishes that are both traditional yet delightfully modern. Chef Paul currently runs his own restaurant, but has also worked as a restaurant manager and private chef. Now, he's eager to share his knowledge and skill with you.

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31 Aug 2023
Chef Paul's sushi making class was a fantastic experience! He was very informative and took time to explain the cooking techniques, ingredients (including where to purchase), and more. We had so much fun and the food was delicious! Thank you Chef Paul.
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13 Jun 2023
Chef Paul is awesome! So knowledgeable, professional, accommodating, and fun! What an enjoyable experience my team and I had.

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Nicole Wilding
27 May 2022
Chef Paul is a very talented sushi chef and restaurant owner. Sushi is something I really enjoy. Chef Paul showed me how to make a sashimi dish. I love learning about dishes I love and how to recreate them at home. If you are a sushi lover too I recommend Chef Paul!