Art Class: Make Your Own Terrarium

Create your own ecosystem complete with live plants in a miniaturized landscape in this art class focused on terrific terrariums. Instructor Jonathan provides all the materials and instructions you'll need to assemble your own living world under glass. Discover the magic of choosing plants and foliage, layering strata of earth, sand and stone and adding decorative elements that bring your verdant cosmos to life. Once complete, you'll take your terrarium home and watch your container oasis flourish as you maintain its balanced environment.

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 25
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Jonathan

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Jonathan Mylo

07 Mar 2024

This terrarium workshop was amazing! I was a bit hesitant at first considering the price point however I was convinced by a colleague that it was worth it. I can now say that it is SO worth it! The relaxation and education provided by the instructors took me back to high school except this time I had an engaging professor and learned so much

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Natalia G.

07 Mar 2024

Brian and Jonathan were superb instructors! I think I learned more in this class than I did in all of Bio 1 in undergrad haha. Not to mention the venue had an amazing food and drinks happy hour special going on which was a great compliment to the night. Can’t recommend this more!! Check it out :)

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Brian Sanchez

07 Mar 2024

This was a very interesting experience. The class was well taught and structured. I learned about a subject I had no idea id be so captivated by. My wife and I each created and took home a terrarium that we are eager to get home to and check on every single day! Watching the plants and moss grow has been wonderful. Thank you, will recommend to friends and family.

$ 75 Per person

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Instructor Jonathan is an experienced instructor specializing in the fascinating world of terrariums. With a passion for nature and creativity, he shares his expertise in crafting captivating terrariums from scratch. Instructor Jonathan is passionate about leading participants through the process of building their own miniature ecosystems, covering topics such as water cycles, humidity control, photosynthesis and the harmonious balance between living creatures and plants. Join Instructor Jonathan on an exploration of terrariums and discover the secrets behind creating and maintaining these unique environments.

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