Photography Class: Noir Knowledge: Developing in the Darkroom

Photography never ends with the click of a shutter, and in this engaging photography class, you'll get to witness how a roll of film becomes a stack of prints. With tons of skilled photography developing experience, Instructor Jessi will lead an insightful course that will leave you equipped with the methods needed to create your very own black and white photo prints. You'll get a thorough walk-through of a functioning darkroom before you learn to adjust the tonal range of your photographs by creating contact sheets and test strips.


Bring your creative eye and your 35mm film or black and white negatives, and Instructor Jessi will provide all other necessary materials and chemicals needed for darkroom developing. After a fun and informative class, you'll leave with at least one of your very own handmade prints. Since this course is very hands-on, you may want to get comfortable with developing black and white film prior to stepping into the darkroom. 

  • Minimum Guests 1
  • Maximum Guests 8
  • Event Duration 2 hours

Outside Reviews for Instructor Jessi

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16 May 2022

These classes have been very helpful to my learning, I learned a lot from just one class alone. I found Unies and Jeremy to be very helpful teachers and allowed me to understand different aspects of film photography. I look forward to taking another class to enhance my learning.

$ 120 Per person

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